How To Attract Money

How to Attract Money written by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Dr. Murphy believes that every person is here on this earth to grow, expand and unfold mentally, spiritually and materially. You deserve to have all the money that you need to lead a life of abundance.


It is our right to be rich. We are on this earth to lead the abundant life, and to be happy, radiant and free. We should have all the money we need to lead a full, happy, prosperous life. We have the right to fully develop and express ourselves along all lines. We should surround ourselves with beauty and luxury.

Money is a symbol of God’s opulence, beauty, refinement and abundance and it should be used wisely, judiciously, and constructively to bless humanity in countless ways. It is merely symbol of economic health of the nation. When your blood is circulating freely, you are healthy. When your money is circulating freely in your life, you are economically healthy.

When you are hungry (poor state), you seek food. When worried, you seek peace. When you are sick, you seek health; when you are weak, you seek strength. Your desire for prosperity is the voice of God in you telling you that abundance is yours.


Riches are of the mind. Let us suppose for a moment, that a physician’s diploma was stolen, with his equipment. But his wealth was in his mind. He could still carry on, diagnose diseases, prescribe, operate and lecture on medical things. Only his symbols were stolen. His riches were in his mental capacity, knowledge to help others, and his ability to contribute to humanity in general.

Joseph shares the figurative meaning of the passage of Bible, “Change the water into wine”. It is the answer to perfect health, happiness, peace of mind and prosperity. Wine in the Bible always means the realization of your desires, urges, plans, dreams, propositions etc. In other words, it is the things you wish to accomplish, achieve, and bring forth. Water in the Bible usually refers to your mind or consciousness. Water takes the shape of the any vessel into which it is poured; likewise, whatever you feel and believe as true will become manifest in your world; thus you are always changing g water into wine.

Our prayers are like captain directing the ship. We must have a destination. We must know where are we going. The captain of the ship knows the laws of navigation. And we are the captain on the bridge and we are giving orders in the form of thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs and moods.

Imagine you have heard the news of having received vast fortune. Dramatize it, feel it, thrill to it and notice how your whole body responds to the inner thrill. Get a picture of yourself as you want to be; retain that image; sustain it with joy, faith and expectancy and you will be able to experience its manifestation. In short we can reverse any situation through prayer. Busy your mind with the concepts of peace, success, wealth and happiness.

We must marry wealth by claiming feeling and believing but must not flirt with it by having many wives such as fear, doubt, anxiety, criticism, jealousy and anger.

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