Life’s Amazing Secrets

This book is written by Gaur Gopal Das, he is one of the most loved, popular and widely followed monks and life coaches in the world, and has shared his wisdom with millions. He distils his experience and lessons about life into a light hearted, thought provoking book that will help you align yourself with the life you want to live.

Just as a car, we must balance those four crucial areas of our life: our personal life, our relationships, our work life and our social contribution.  These are like four tyres of car and we must find balance between these four tyres and above all the steering wheel of this car is SPIRITULITY. Spirituality in whatever genuine form of practice brings purpose to our life and gives us a destination. When we feel we don’t know where life is taking us then we must hold the hand of spirituality.


Growing Through Gratitude – We must find positivity in the bleakest situations and live by the principle of gratitude. The traffic of the mind is- When we put on designer glasses and we see world through it, we see things differently. But things have not changed. Same way the mind is what we use to perceive the world we don’t see the things as they are, we see things as we are. Things change for better and for worse, but what we choose to perceive is up to us and that is a personal choice. Its is always our choice when we want to see positive or negative in things.

Gratitude is not a feeling. It is a state of mind that can be developed, and it allows us to tap into a reservoir of unlimited positive energy.

Why Worry – when things are beyond your control and there is nothing you can do, why worry. We must learn to detach ourselves from a situations that are outside our control is an imperative skill to learn for personal growth. What we see as bad at one point in time can turn out to be good for us and vice versa.

Spiritual Practice – Spiritual practice is the foundation of our happiness. It guides us in times of turmoil and grounds us in times of joy. Spiritual practice is nothing but making three kinds of connections. The first connection is outside ourselves. The majority of our time is spent in connecting with the world- networking, relationship, our work. The second connection is Inside ourselves as beyond our everyday lives, many look for solace within. And the third connection is God, as we must connect to something above ourselves such as God. This can give us a power to spread happiness and joy around the world.


We should deal with each other sensitively; our attitude towards life affects how we act in our relationships. Sometimes how people behave in public is very different from how they are in their private lives. We have to have respect for the other person, which is reflected in how sensitively we treat them.

Correcting Cautiously – It is strange that sword or words have the same letters. Even more strange is their effect is also the same, if not handled properly. Most of the time our frustration comes from improper dealings in our relationships. And this stems from our poor communication, whether it is our body language, actions or words. We must take full responsibility of our relationships.

Forgiveness – We live in a world of quick fixes. We can microwave our food, and it instantly becomes warm. We can stream our movies, and watch them whenever we like. We can book our tickets to anywhere using our phones. No problem, but sadly our relationships do not work that way. They follow the same way as growing a plant. Constant care is required so that one day, it blooms.

Association Matters – It is hard to imagine a life without relationships. Our association is crucial to your success, in this world and beyond. Our association can uplift or depress us to the lowest levels. When I talk about association in this context, i do not mean general interactions.


Jealousy And Envy – when one harbors ill feelings towards others wanting to be like them or better than but does not act on those feelings, it is called jealously. Although this feelings eats one up from the inside, one still has the self control to not harm the other person. However when one does act on those feelings, jealously turns into envy. Although competition in the area of sports, business or politics may be a distant reality for many, workplace politics and competition is something they may have very closely experienced.

Self – Discovery – To find your purpose in life, you must go on a journey of self discovery. What do you think is a key element needed for self improvement and competition with oneself? The foundation of growth, it understands who you are. You can only compete with yourself if you have a clear idea of your potential, your capacities and certainly your limitations. We should ask self- what are my tendencies? What do I like? What do i don’t like? Where do i want to be in future? These are few questions we need to answer to succeed. And this process of inquiry begins our journey of self discovery.

Integrity And Character – Spirituality helps develop good character. It is character that shines bright when words fail to do so. People are more touched more by what we do than what we say. We feel inspired by those who live with the right conduct, character and integrity.


Selfless Sacrifice – We can be completely selfish, completely selfless or any of the combination in between. Life is a journey from being selfish to becoming selfless. Every flight has safety instruction that we must all follow- “Make sure that your mask is securely fastened before our help children, infants or others”. We should understand that unless we help ourselves and breathe in oxygen, we cannot be of any real help to others.

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