Message of a Master

As there is a famous quote “The cause of the confusion prevailing in your mind that weakens your thoughts is the false belief that there is a power or powers outside you greater than the power within you.” The book called “The Message of a Master” is written by John McDonald in 1929. John McDonald (1906-1998) was an editor and writer for Fortune magazine for three decades and the ghostwriter for Alfred P. Sloan’s My Years with General Motors. He was also the author of books on business, game theory, and fly fishing.

The book “The Message of A Master” shows us how to accomplish our desires and live our deepest dreams. It gives not only the theory, but the actual practices necessary to become absolute masters of our lives.
There is a mysterious character in it called “The Master”. Author says that it seems to have taken on a new and fresh meaning. Author suggests that it were a message directed to none but yourself.

It begins with the story of a man who had lost both his health and wealth and was in despair and wallowing in his misery. As a remedy he ran away from his town and was aimlessly traveling around in defeat. That was until he met the master.

Almost immediately his fortunes changed. He regained not just his wealth, but also his health and, on reflection, castigated himself for having wasted so much of his life doing things wrongly when there was an easier, fail proof way to achieve both health and wealth.

The Universal Law –  The master called it the Universal Law. Author says that he himself lived by it and, as was evident in his lifestyle and achievements, it had worked well for him. He said of it: “the great masses of humanity are using the Law destructively or partially so, and the scales are balanced against them. Here and there, among the masses, we find an occasional outstanding figure who has achieved greatness or success and he is erroneously singled out as lucky or as a genius, when the fact is that he has made use of the law – whether knowingly or unknowingly it matters not – at least sufficiently to have the scales balanced in his favor.”
He went on to explain the Universal Law by giving examples. Electricity, for example, has always been around in the world. Yet, until man understood it and, more importantly, understood how to harness it and use it for his sown benefit, it was totally useless to him. Furthermore, electricity can be an agent of both good and bad, depending on how you use it. So the Universal Law has always existed, though most are ignorant of it, and can be an agent of both good and bad, depending on how you use it.

The author explains that you set the objective. You therefore planted the seed. You would not dig up a seed in your garden to see if it were sprouting. You planted and watered it and are satisfied that, according to the law of its being, it will come forth.

Likewise, nothing upon earth can prevent your objective from becoming externalized, because nothing in the world can nullify Universal Law. You plant the seed idea. You hold it there. You nourish it. You have done your part. Trust the Law to do its part.

Author explains that there are three reasons for definite objective .
First – The Inner mind is the positive pole of your being, while the Outer is the negative pole, as in geology the North Pole is the positive and the South Pole the negative. There must be a positive and negative in everything in the universe in order to complete a circuit or circle, without which there would be no activity, no motion. To illustrate this, there would be no forward if we had no backward. There could be no up if there were no down. There never could have been such a quality as good if there were no evil, so called. How could there have been light without darkness?
The set definite objective, firmly imaged or pictured in mind, immediately whips the Outer into line by giving it a fixed duty to perform. This, automatically, without any effort on your part, infuses into it the positive quality of the Inner mind. And again, automatically, positive conditions and individuals are attracted to you as surely as the steel particles are attracted to the magnet.
Second – The atmosphere is filled with millions upon millions of thoughts which are forever in motion. The hundreds of stations in your country, all broadcasting simultaneously, give you a slight idea of the thoughts in the air. Every human being is a broadcasting station and everybody is a receiving set. The author explains explains why he is able to answer your questions instantly, before you have had to form them into words.
The fact that he have been getting your thoughts before you have expressed them and which have been puzzling you, is now made clear. This is a faculty developed after years of training. Author says this faculty was always in me and is within you. I have brought out and made use of mine, while yours lies dormant almost entirely.
Third – When you set your mind upon anything, whether it be small or large, a pencil, a hat, automobile, a home or great riches; whether it be tangible like these or intangible, such as an education, a profession or travel, you transfer a portion of your life force to that thing, or how could it be otherwise drawn to you? And you continue to nourish it as long as it is held in mind, and the intensity of your desire governs the power with which the force is directed.

When the first objective is reached, what then? Set another one beyond that, immediately. Why? Because the peculiar nature of the Outer mind is to drop back into inertia after being forced through to an objective. Because, once having attained that valuable momentum, maintain it. Cling to it. And as the momentum increases, the steps in your progress become more rapid, until eventually it will be possible to reach an objective almost immediately.
He explains that it is your birthright, to have anything that you desire and without limit. You can never know another. Those things that you desire were put here for you to use and enjoy. If not, why are they here? And since only you can be conscious of your own individual desires, those things were placed here specifically for you.

Knowing so well that each individual, being differently constituted, given the fundamental principles of the Law, will each work it out somewhat differently. You cannot attain dominion patterning after another, or following custom or tradition. Sheep and plodders do that. Masters and leaders never do.

Have an open mind
Let there be skeptics/doubters amongst some of you reading this, author repeat the words of the master: “He who is wise in his own conceit, who approaches a subject in an attitude of doubt and resistance, will learn little. There is not much hope for him. But he who takes up any subject in an open mind, willing to learn anything that will contribute to his advancement, comfort and happiness, is wise.”
He explains that your mind, which is yourself, can be likened to a house which the accumulation of years has cluttered with thousands of unnecessary pieces of furniture, pictures, ornaments and other things, all strewn around and heaped everywhere, with the result that while the outside of that house might present a good appearance, the inside is a mass of confusion and disorder. How utterly impossible to accomplish anything under such conditions, for you cannot go after one thing without stumbling over another. No order. No purpose. No progress. The first necessary move, then, is to rid that house of all but the furnishings essential to success.
He states that he tried to keep an open mind. All the while eagerly waiting to be told what exactly the Universal Law was and how he could utilize it himself. The Universal Law was indeed nothing new to me. It was simply this: anything you firmly and consistently think about will come about. To put it more eloquently it was “that (the) mind…holds images, pictures. And any picture firmly held in any mind, in any form, is bound to come forth.”
The Universal Law is truly universal. Why? Because it is in so many forms and from so many different sources, all written at so many different times and in so many different places. Yet one thing that is consistent amongst them is that one idea that your thoughts control your destiny. Your are in control of everything that happens to you, good or bad. “The man who knows the law and uses it will be supreme and the ignorant one who refuses to see this will just remain in bondage to his false beliefs.”

Thoughts are supreme
Author explains that thoughts are the supreme thing in life. The outer environment is merely a reflection of the thinking. The master observed that people called him as such because he seemed to have some supernatural powers, but he added that this was true only in “the sense that I have learned how to master environment and conditions. That I have developed in me the powers that abide in all of us and that I am more nearly living life as it should be lived.” Mastery of environment and conditions is one of the keys to being successful and living life from the inside out.
We tend to live from the outside-in, responding to and adjusting our lives to outer conditions and environment. But the correct process is to live from the inside-out. We can create our world from within us, in our minds, and then it will manifest itself through our effort and diligence to bring it about.

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