Talk The Talk

This book is written by Angelo M.D’Amico who is best seller author and speaker.  His book has been translated in many languages. This book teaches the importance of building a large and successful business. It’s really short book and very basic. The powerful expression in ‘’talk the talk’’ are proven communication tools.


Great networkers are made not born. Network marketing is like any other industry in that regard. Most people mistake for a “god given talent” is really a hard earned skill. I believe all of us are born with the desire to learn, to improve, and to grow and most of all’


Our business completely depend on talk to people. There are two kinds of people in our business- Product movers, and business builder. If you are a business builder, you have to talk to people each and every day. Your goal with a new contact is to stick up conversation. Establish a bond and a climate of trust. Then after share contact no. so that you can get back with them a week to 10 days after. Always find opportunity to talk to lot of people and talk to as many people as possible.

F.O.R.M Question-


Are you married? How long? What your spouse’s name?

How many children? How old are you? They must keep you busy?

What part of town do you live in? Do you like it, or, are you looking to move?


What do you do for living? What does your spouse do?

I hear that was a great company (industry) to work for?

How long you been there?

You most love it?

Ever consider owning your own business?


What do you do for fun?

Where do you like to vacation? What are your vacation plans this year?

What do you dream about doing with your life?


Are you making all the money you want?

Sounds like you make a lot of you have enough time to enjoy it?

If money and time weren’t a factor what would you do with your life?

What things in your life would change it? you won the lottery?

Do you ever seriously look for other ways to make money?

Can you get everything you want out of life do what you are currently doing?

Setting The Appointment

Call the prospects you set the table with and say with excitement-I called a week about a possible business opportunity? Well I have checked the business out and concluded that if we get moving on this, we both stand a chance to make soon good money. Monday and Friday you say. You come Friday night at 6:00pm.


When you date someone you are getting to know them right? Same thing in business. The purpose of the contact is to qualify people for your business by finding out if they are looking for more in their lives. The purpose of inviting is to get prospect to commit to a specific time and place to see the plan.

Making A List

Without a list we don’t go market for purchase anything. Everything starts in proper way. If arrange the party first make a list because we want to invite everyone. This business starts and end with making a list. If you want to increase the list.


Use the appropriate questions to qualify your prospects-

1- Establish their dream-

2-Determine seriousness of dream

3. Determine commitment level of dream-

4. Any other way to accomplish that dream?


Be Prepared

Everyone not understands the business. There’s lot of negativity out there. Most people have a lot of misconceptions about our business. Must be prepared to answer three questions that will come up in 90% of your phone calls.

1-what’s this all about? Or what is it?

2-is this selling?

3-is this AMBAY or MLM?

How To Handle Objections

Many times people say NO I can’t do. Something reason behind this-

1- Fear to failure

2. Fear of rejection

3- Low self-image

4- Misconceptions based on ignorance, not facts.

If your prospects totally negative, there are nothing you can say that will change his or her mind, so the best thing to do is change prospects. It’s call next.


Here are four steps to effective follow through.

  1. Follow through is a process, not an may take several meetings
  2. Assume consent. Expect your prospect to get involved and act accordingly.
  3. Make a prospect list. Discuss the people on the list and identify the top 20 or so prospects.
  4. Plug them in to the system. Loan them some books, Ds and tapes and loan them some products too. Conversation you’re your upline direct.

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