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The purpose of writing this Book – Network Marketing industry is not just another “get-rich-quick-scheme”- it is a “Get Rich” system. This book is a result of years of adapting, modifying, testing and applying the techniques to network marketing.

Top level networkers are not ‘natural’ or ‘born’. Top level networking is a science- a learnable art- the same as any of the sciences. This book gives you some powerful techniques and shows you how to use them, how to measure and improve your progress and what to observe when dealing with people.


Rule # 1 – See More People– This is the most important rule. Talk to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen to you. There is no problem that you will ever have in your business that can’t be solved by increased activity.

Rule # 2 – See More People – Keep calling people, as if you stop calling people and if you don’t see enough prospects, you are out of business. You can be an excellent personality but without significant volume of presentations, you will only be average so talk to everyone.

Rule # 3 – See More people – Many people never reach their potential in the business.  They think it’s because of the prospects they didn’t convince. But that’s not true- it is because of the prospects they did not see.

Rule # 4 – Use the Law of Averages – The Law of averages govern the success of every activity in life. it means if you do the same thing the same way over and over again, under the same circumstances, it will produce a set of results that will always remain constant. If you stood on a street corner and said to everyone who walked past, “how about joining me in a networking business? The law of Averages would give you a result. Perhaps 1:100 would reply “yes”. The Law of Averages always works.

Rule # 5 – Improve your Averages – The Law of Averages will always work for us. Keeping ratios tells us where we need improvement and shoes how successful we can be. It lets you focus on the activities that get results, not on what happens to you next.


The Four keys Techniques –  When we talk to our prospects, their answer is mostly NO. They expect us to try to convince them to make a commitment. But problem is prospects will raise objections to anything you say. Not because of the validity of what you said but because you said it. If you say it, it’s your idea, not theirs, so prospects feel justified in raising objections.

The Four Keys are combination for getting from a cold start to a “Yes” in a shortest possible time. These are-



HOW TO UNCOVER THE PRIMARY MOTIVATING FACTOR – You can ask your prospect this question “Do you know why people start a networking business?

  1. What is your number one priority?
  2. Why did you pick that one?
  3. Why is that important to you?
  4. What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?
  5. Why would that worry you?




Skill 1 # – Bridging – Bridging is a technique that keeps the conversation moving and avoids the situation where you might talk too much or your prospect talks too little. Prospects with short answers can be best handled with bridges to keep them talking.

Skill 2 # – The Head Nod Technique – Most people have never considered head nodding as a powerful persuasion tool. Noding a head is a gesture used in most countries to show agreement. Its origin is body lowering or bowing that is- “If I bow to you, I am subordinate to your wishes”. So it’s a shortened bowing movement. If you feel positive you will start nodding your head. If you Nod your head, you will start feeling positive.

Skill 3 #- Minimal Encourages – As the other person speaks, encourage him to keep going by using minimal encourages. These include – I see.., Uh-huh…, Really?.. tell me more… Minimal encouragers can more than double the amount of information the other person gives you.

Skill 4 # – How To Keep Eye Control – Research shows that of the information relayed to a person’s brain in a face to face presentation, 87% comes via the eyes, 9% via the ears and 4% through the other senses.

Skill 5# -Mirroring – When two people are mentally “in sync” with each other, their bodies also move into physical synchronisation by adopting similar postures and by using the same gestures. The purpose of this behaviour is to create rapport between the participants and avoid conflict.


Technique # 1 – Palm Power –There are three palm gestures: the Palm Up, the Palm Down and The Palm –Closed-Finger-Pointed position. The Palm up is a non threatening gesture. It’s a gesture used since cavemen to show that the person is not holding any weapons. The Palm down is a dominant gesture.

Technique # 2 – The Handshake – When you greet a new person with a handshake. One of three basic attitudes will be transmitted and these are transmitted unconsciously-

Dominance : This person is trying to dominate me. I would better be cautious. (Illustration-1-Taking the control)

  • Submission : I can dominate this person. He will do that what I want. (Illustration-2-giving the control)
  • Equality – I like this person. We will go on well together. (Illustation-3-Equality)

Technique # 3 – Left Hand Holding – This strategy may seem obvious at first but few people pay it much attention. Avoid the double hander with new people.

Technique # 4 – Smile Power – Smile has its origin as an appeasement gesture and is also used by monkeys and chimps to show they are non threatening. Research says that the more frequently you use it, the closer others are likely to stand to you, the more eye contact they will give you, the longer they want to stay with you. In other words smiling is great for your business and personal life as it shows that you are not a threat to them.

Technique # 5 – Territorial Respect – We can carry a bubble of space around our body known as personal space. Its width depends on population density and what culture the person is from.

Technique # 6 – Dress For Success – Clothing covers up to 90% of your body and has a powerful effect on other people’s perception of your trustworthiness, realibility, expertise, authority, social success and business standing.


This book has given you the keys to unlock the treasures in the system and propel you at great speed towards success. Everything in this book is proven and tested and gets immediate results. Everything will work, provide you do. So set your goals and go for it.

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