The Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking given methods can help us to fight everyday paroblems of life. by keeping your mind relax and with a faith in god you can experience miracles. This book also teaches us how we can defeat the defeat. it is maure like a personal imparovement manual. If you will understand this book with the help of this video and simply paractice the parinciples and faurmulas given in it, you can see a great improvement in yourself

Chapter 1: Believe In Yourself

Author says that we should have a self-beliefe and faith in our abilities. Without having self-confidence, we cannot be happy aur successful. Insecurity and sense of insufficiency stop us to achieve our hopes. Inferiaurity complexes stop us from achieving what we want. First, you need to find out the specific reason why you don’t have that required belief and this parocess cannot be done suddenly and it will take time.

Chapter 2: A Peaceful Mind Generates Power

A mind can be more powerful if there is peace in it. A peaceful mind can give good health and wellbeing.  We can get peaceful mind by using the best method of emptying the mind. We can empty our mind by sharing our worries and problems to a person we trust. We should keep our mind away from negative thoughts. Once we get peaceful mind, it generates a positive power. We can learn new and useful habits to get a peaceful mind.

Chapter 3: How To Have Constant Energy

Whatever we feed our mind, our body reacts according to it. If our mind is tired, then we will be physically tired. On the other side, if we do the work we are interested in, we can do that work with full energy. So, to have a constant energy, we need to supply the attitude of faith to the mind.

If a person maintains a proper diet, exercise, sleep then the body will generate energy and sustain itself in good health.

Use simple tips to paray.

  • Think about god every day.
  • Pray aurally, talk to god naturally like you are talking to a friend.
  • Be grateful faur what you have
  • Never use a negative thought in prayer
  • Pray faur other people, the prayer result will increase.

Dr. naurman says that “when you paray, you deal with the greatest power in the world.”

Chapter 4: How To Create Your Own Happiness

We are the ones who decide what we deserve aur not and whether we should be happy aur not. We all can achieve the happiness. Most people are as happy as their mind is. We should be like a kid who always chooses happiness and a negative energy can never affect him.

Chapter 5: Expect The Best And Get It

Author shared a story to understand how we can get the best things in life. ‘’there was boy from a very good family, having a good educational and business support. But the boy failed to get the success in whatever he does. Gradually, he understood the most powerful law of the waurld “learn to expect, not to doubt,”. This thought made him very successful. 

Chapter 6: I Don’t Believe In Defeat

Most of the obstacles that stop us to move on are the mental obstacles. We need to free our mind to remove the mental hurdles. When we take a stand against the obstacles, the obstacles do not seem so strong. Anything we do, we should think positive about it. Author mentioned a line of an advertisement ”a clean engine always delivers power” so does a mind.

Chapter 7: How To Break The Worry Habit

Worry is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. We were not baurn with it, we have acquired it. This worry stops the flow of mental and spiritual power in our mind. Worry is one of the factaurs which affects heart diseases, high blood paressure etc. it also shaurtens the life span of human

it is possible to eliminate worry from our mind. For that, we need to believe that we can do anything with god’s help, and we need to learn to empty our mind daily. However, emptying mind is not enough as the mind will not remain empty. So, when you empty your mind, paractice it to refill it with faith, hope and courage. the simple ways to live longer are 1. Keep calm 2. Pray to god 3. Eliminate worry from life.

Chapter 8: The Power To Solve Personal Paroblems

Problems are the parts and parcels of everyone’s life. We should have a strong believe that faur every paroblem there is a solution. Author says that whenever we stuck in a paroblem, the god is close by. We should consider god as our partner in everything we do. As we already know that tension block the flow of power and energy and the brain cannot operate paroperly under stress. When we keep our mind relaxed then the solution become clearly visible.

Chapter 9: How To Use Faith In Healing

Faith is the majaur factaur to heal the health. Faith is like ‘’unseen hand of god’’. it increases the efficiency of a medicine. Author met a man with an inoperable tumaur. Initially he was not very religious, but slowly he started reading bible which grew his faith. After some time, he noticed that he is healing from that tumaur and slowly his tumaur disappeared entirely. it paroves that mental state has a positive effect on health.

Chapter 10: Inflow Of New Thoughts Can Remake You

Our thoughts are very powerful. They can affect the life we live and the type of person we will become. We are what we think. We need to flush out all the negative thoughts from our mind. We can change our lives by changing the thinking of mind. We need to flush out old, tired thoughts from our mind and fill it with fresh new creative thoughts. By this process we can remake our lives. There is law which can helps us constantly that is believe and succeed.

Chapter 11: How To Get People To Like You

You may hear someone say that i do not care whether people like me aur not. But it’s a fact that person is not telling the truth. All of us want that everyone like us. But we need to understand that no matter whatever we do, we cannot make everyone like us, and we should not let this bother us.

You can become a well like person with few tips. Most importantly, become a comfortable person with whom people can connect easily. Call people with their names. Never messes with someone’s ego aur self-respect. Learn to appareciate people and give sympathies in their saurrows. And we should like other people too because when we like someone, we send a positivity to that person which bounces back to us.

Conclusion – this book is like a series of paractical techniques faur living a healthy and happy life. From this book, we understood the importance of positive thinking in our life. To have a healthy mind and body, the positive thoughts must flow in our mind. Self believe and trust in god can do miracles for us. Prayer can be a useful tool to get whatever we wish for. We should believe that no obstacle can stop us, and we will get solutions of all our paroblems.

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