Chapter One :  MegaLiving! Achieving Mastery of the Mind, Body and


The Ultimate Challenge – There are people who make things happen. There are people who watch things happen and then there are people who asks what happened? Megaliving offers a view to see things differently and improve your mind, body and character. Everybody has a potential in them, they just need to unleash that. Here author gives us a workshop. By following those steps we can achieve enormous thing in life.

The Power Of Limitless Living- There are no such thing as negative circumstances, only circumstance you can learn from. There are no mistakes in life, there are learnings only, which will allow you to grow. We achieve to the limits we set for ourselves.


Your Commitment To Self-Mastery- KAIZEN

KAIZEN means a constant and never ending little self-improvement in all areas to reach your full potential. Every high achiever has this trait in them. Study any great leader in the world, and you will notice that these all has one thing in common, daily little improvements. By improving daily, be it exercising, be it reading, be it meditating. Greatness does not come easily. You have to act great to be great. Nothing can stop a person who refuses to be stopped. Problems will always be there, but you have to condition your mind to rise above that.


Do you feel distracted often? Do you lack will power and discipline? If so, you must exercise your mind daily. If you do not use it daily, when not trained daily, it will get less sharp and weak like a body part. A weak mind can’t resist destructive thoughts. From researches, one thing is for sure, that anyone can enhance their mental functioning. This megaliving program will do this for you.

1.Personnal Development- It is something that improves your life and reduce stress. Be it by reading self-help books or listening to audiobooks or just watching sunrise. The point is to tap on information and activities that is available for you to improve your life. We should learn techniques and strategies in order to thrive. After all we need is a single idea to change our life. This idea could be like- “no matter what you do, go all the way in or don’t go at all”.  just think about this line above, if we keep reminding of this to ourselves often, someday it will become our reality and we will be giving our best in any circumstances. Reading books gives you this kind of many ideas.

2. Physical Fitness – You should spend at least 30 minutes daily on exercise. It is just 2% time of your day. But the results you will get, will drastically change your life. Hit the gym or go for a run swim or walk, just spend some time exercise. Your energy, your mood, concentration, everything will be on its peak. Just give it a try.

3. Relaxation And Personal Renewal Time— The body and mind are like high performance racing cars, it will perform better when kept cool and well oiled. For example, just look at MS Dhoni. He is calm as cucumber. We often wonder how he manages his calmness and win matches for us. This thing comes from exercise and repetitions. Try to be calm in every situation. Give yourself time to relax. Don’t get so much stressed.


From researches it is clear now that people who achieves greater success, are the people who has defined goals under well-defined deadlines. If you are hoping to be succeed Without these key two elements, you are just gambling. So, now the question is how to develop these qualities-

Your Goal Setting Workshop-

1-Take a paper and write on it, the things you want to accomplish and to be remembered as. Keep it simple but it must cover all aspects of life. This mission statement will guide you through life.

2-your personal mastery goals-write your personal goals like physical fitness, a skill you want to develop.

3-also write your material and fun goals. What things you want to own and what kind of fun do you want over the years.

4-write goals regarding finances. It’s a crucial thing in life. Write what amount of money you will be hoping to achieve in 5,10,15 years from now on.


– Have 6 hours of quality sleep. You don’t need more than 6 hours sleep. But it must be a quality sleep.

– Keep 1 hour of morning reserved for personal improvement exercise like meditation, visualization, reading books etc.

-Take some time daily to figure out your most important task for the day.

-Have a positive mindset. Whenever a negative thought comes in, through it out of window right away.

-Quality of your communication with yourself and others, has a direct impact on your life quality.  Try to communicate better and positively.

-Stay on purpose, don’t run after money, just do your work.

-Laugh for 5 minutes in front of a mirror.  It will put you in good mood.

-Learn to meditate. It will give you peace of mind and boost concentration.

-Try to be humorous throughout the day. It will make you feel good as well as other.

– Become a highly disciplined time manager. Time is precious and if managed well we can see tremendous results in even 6 months.

-Associate with the people with positive and focused mindset. These people will inspire you, not drain the energy out of you.

-Don’t take things like health, family etc. for granted. Focus on them well.

-Try to remember people’s name and always meet them with enthusiasm.

-Be soft when it comes to kindness but be firm in tough situation.

18-Never discuss your financial and personal life with others.

-Take a Luke warm bath after the day. Give yourself rewards after every achievement.

-Learn to breath properly. Try deep breathing.

– Maintain a diary, write your thoughts here. Writing has magic in it. It will give you clarity about future.

– Stress is a response to a particular situation. Be a positive responder to prevent yourself of stress.

-Listen to audiobooks while driving or doing something else. 

-Listen to soft music to enhance productivity. It is scientifically proven.

-Learn to forgive for your peace of mind.

– Through this thought right out of your window that you can’t learn everything. Anybody can learn anything.

-When you stand and meet someone, stand firm and open. Chest outward, head high, shoulders back. Act tough and you will be tough one day.

-Once in a week see sun dawn, listen to soft music, do 100 push up, read a book.

-Be a little bit mysterious, don’t let everybody know everything about you.

-Master the art of public speaking, this art could be learned.

-Look out for motivational speakers, listen to them.

– Go to gym and push some weights, it will make you physically as well as mentally tough.

-Never argue with your boss, you will lose more than that argument.

– In a business meeting, wear dark color suit, not a ten suit.

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