Careers & Our Team

Readers Books Club is not just about books but about the people who work with their phenomenal skill sets and ideas to make such content that can reach the viewers’ minds and create a significant impact in their lives.

Our Team

Book Readers & Script Writers: We have a team of extraordinary book readers & script writers who extract the heart of the book in a few words and portray a picture for the audience with a vision to educate them.

Voiceover Artist: The book stands vague without a narrator who gives life to those scripts through their beautiful voice. Because only then the voice reaches the heart of the audience. Our team has super talent who use their artistic voice with seamless modulation to give the books life.

Video Editor: We have a group of editors who have mastered their creative and technical skill sets, and their performance speaks through the videos they produce.

If you think you can match the extraordinary skill sets of our team, we are happy to take you on board, part-time or full-time. Share your resume at [email protected]