Change Your Schedule Change Your Life

Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life by Michelle D. Seaton and Suhas Kshirsagar teaches us the true meaning of following schedules. From this book, we will learn about how to change our life. The authors believe that the schedule is very important in our life. We can change our whole life by making small but effective changes in our daily schedules. Read now to transform your life.

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There was a time when I was feeling stuck in my life. I had a good job and a comfortable routine, but I wanted to change my life’s direction. I realized that I needed to make the most of my time and that my schedule needed to be aligned with my goals and aspirations.

So, I decided to make a change. I began by analyzing my daily routine and identifying the areas not serving me well. For example, I spent much time on unimportant tasks like social media, watching TV, and procrastinating.

If I replace these activities with more productive ones, I can make progress toward my goals.

I started by waking up an hour earlier than usual and dedicating that time to exercise and meditation. This helped me to start the day on a positive note and gave me a burst of energy that carried me through the rest of the day.

I also began to plan my meals and prepare healthy snacks in advance, which saved me time and helped me stick to a more nutritious diet.

Another significant change I made was prioritizing my work and setting specific daily goals. For example, I would create a to-do list in the morning and ensure I completed each task before moving on to the next one.

This helped me to be more productive and efficient, and I found that I was getting more done in less time. Over time, these tiny changes began to add up, and I started to see significant improvements in my life.

So guys, here’s my reason for telling this story. It all happened when I started changing my schedule, which changed my life.

And I did all this then, then for the first time, I read the book, “Change Your Schedule Change Your Life” by Michelle D. Seaton and Suhas Kshirsagar. And today, we are going to understand this book in detail.

From this book, we will learn about how to change our life. The author believes that the schedule is very important in our life. We can change our whole life by making small but effective changes in our daily schedules.

We often include many such things in our habits in the desire to be productive in our lives, which can harm us in the long run, such as: skipping meals to reduce calories or working late at night to increase productivity and then trying to sleep properly at the end of the week, etc.

Similarly, many bad habits prevent our genetic predisposition – and harm us to a great extent.

Minor changes to our schedule can help us deal with these bad habits, and these small changes can quickly fix our body’s fatigue, weight gain, sleepiness, anxiety, and much more.

Combining ancient knowledge with his research on chronology, the author gives a step-by-step, 30-day plan that has been included in the book. With the help of this, we can work with a suitable timetable and reasonable goals to change our life for the better.

With the help of the book, we will learn to customize our schedules. And that’s how in the end, we can change our whole life. To understand the book better, we are going to discuss this book in 5 chapters.

Chapter 1: Use Our Body’s Internal Clock

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life

We do a lot of work in our life, but to do the job properly, it is essential to do it on time. Because if we do not complete any work on time, we have to get up early in the morning or stay awake till late at night to complete our work, which directly affects our health.

This means that not doing the work on time creates bad habits inside us, making us ill or unorganized.

But few of us know how much our daily patterns influence our health. And because of this, people get addicted to nasty habits.

Such as: skipping meals to lose weight or not eating on time for work, not exercising daily, working late nights, and not getting enough sleep to increase your productivity. And when we become addicted to these bad habits, it disturbs our balance.

Regarding good digestion, restful sleep, and reasonable fitness, timing is everything. That’s why we should fix a time to do everything, through which we can organize our daily life patterns and balance our life. Our daily life patterns control our whole life along with how we feel, and by making small changes, we can completely change our lives.

Our habit of waking up early or late at night is called circadian rhythm, often due to our unmanaged work schedule. But along with this, there are many people nowadays who spoil their life patterns due to wasteful work. For example: running a mobile phone till late at night – or watching useless videos.

But we all have to understand that these bad habits or life patterns can become a problem, which can cause health problems and future harm. To deal with this, do these three things:

1. Set a bedtime

A lack of sleep causes many problems. You must have enough sleep to perform well the next day. That’s why fix the right time to sleep and sleep at a specified time every night. Ideally, it is best to sleep till ten-thirty to concentrate more on your work the next day.

You often start seeing good results of the change in the first few days. Sleeping at the right time allows you to work energetically throughout the day and control your stress. And by reducing stress, your weight will also start decreasing.

2. Take a heavy diet in the afternoon

Do the heaviest diet of your whole day in the afternoon. When you go on a heavy diet in the afternoon, you have a much easier time maintaining your weight, and the rest of the digestive problems like upset stomach and constipation go away by eating at the right time.

Most people habitually consume their heaviest diet at night, but this is not a good thing – as it damages the digestive system. Dinner should be about half your appetite. But if you feel hungry late at night, don’t worry about getting too hungry at night.

A heavy afternoon diet will give you energy during the afternoon and make it necessary to have a snack in the afternoon, with which you can work with energy and keep your Digestive System right.

3. Work out first thing in the morning

Most people don’t have to work out as much as they think. Spending an hour working out late in the day will not do as much work for you as doing twenty to thirty minutes of activity as soon as you wake up. Morning workouts affect your sleep, your weight, and your blood pressure. It also removes stress.

You can get even more benefits from your morning workouts if you do at least some outdoor exercises, where your brain can take advantage of the natural light and strengthen your body’s natural rhythm. Therefore, start every morning by doing workouts, and if possible, go out and do your exercises.

You will see the benefits in a few days after doing the three things mentioned. So if you want to change your life for the better, then make these small changes from today itself and change your life completely.

You have to adopt these good habits instead of your bad ones, and you can improve your life. So start by doing these three things continuously for seven days, and your health will change.

Chapter 2: Sleep: Miraculous works like a medicine

We all are so busy with daily work that we need to take care of our sleep and always face the problem of stress. But as we have learned in the previous chapter, how important sleep is for us, keeping this in mind, we should take the necessary steps for our sleep.

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life Book

Because only by taking good sleep do we physically and mentally fit. You can use all your energy during the day when you get a full and sound sleep of 8 hours. And can also remove your stress. Sleep is a miraculous medicine – and helps us become productive people.

When we are fit, we can do our best to be successful. Therefore, understand the importance of sleep and use these methods to improve your sleep:

Get out in the natural light:

Most of us live indoors. And in winter, we may have days in which we have to wake up in the dark, and at such times we sit in a warm room away from natural light and therefore spend most of our time the night, which has an emotional and physical impact on our body. And we feel tired or sad.

Natural light is the primary system through which the body determines its daily circadian rhythm (meaning it connects your sleep and wakes times and depends on how you spend the rest of the day).

When we do not get enough natural light, our body does not understand when to wake up and sleep. And the development of the body needs to be done correctly. That’s why it is essential to go to natural light. So to start with, understand the importance of natural light.

Go for a morning walk

A morning walk benefits your health because you will get natural light by seeing the sunrise. So get up early in the morning and go for a morning walk of 10-20 minutes every morning. If you do this, you will not only be able to work with the most energy in your office, but you will also be able to sleep better every night.

Because the natural light of the morning will make you energetic – through which you will be able to work throughout the day without getting tired.

Night light

The more critical the morning light, the more influential the night light. So take care that you are using your nighttime properly. For example, if you keep watching TV till late at night, it can be tough to get enough sleep. Because you don’t get sleep by watching TV, you have to prepare your body for it.

Also, because you cannot relax due to the artificial light of electronic devices, you should leave your electronic devices off 1 hour before sleeping. This way, you can rest in peace by staying away from them. Also, take care of one important thing, do not keep any electronic device with you while sleeping.

This will calm your mind, and you can complete your work with the entire focus. Simply put, this is the time to be calm in body and mind so that sleep can come slowly.

Meal time and sleep:

Eating time can significantly impact your ability to sleep. Eating a heavy meal or snacking late at night interferes with your body’s resting process. Dinner being rich can be challenging to digest and may make you nervous.

Your body is unable to digest food at night. Because our digestive process slows down after dark, your food stays in your intestines, and you may have problems like gas, constipation, heartburn, and abdominal pain.

So you can’t relax. And what’s worse, eating late at night can make your body produce mucus or cause blood to pool in one part of the body.

Therefore, remember that at what time you eat dinner, having a light dinner at six in the evening will be very good for your sleep. Therefore, eat less and on time at night to digest appropriately and remove the obstruction in your sleep.

For example, if you have dinner by 6 o’clock, walk for 15 to 20 minutes and then sleep by 10. In this way, along with reducing your stomach problems, you can improve your sleep.

Chapter 3: Diet: You are healthy when you eat the right thing at the right time

Just as you have to make some changes to achieve good sleep, in the same way, to be healthy, you have to change how you eat and drink. So some critical changes have to be made. Through these changes, you can become physically and mentally healthy.

So if we talk about food, people eat many such things, suitable for taste but very bad for health. That’s why you must remember what and when you eat. The author has given some suggestions to change the food schedule. By adopting these, you can start living a healthy lifestyle:

Meal time matters

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life Summary

Almost everyone knows what we should and should not eat. But do you know that, like your food, the timing of your meal also matters a lot? If you do not eat your food at the right time, you may face obesity.

To avoid these problems, keep a few things in mind:

  • Eat something healthy within half an hour of waking up.
  • Have a healthy breakfast between 7 to 9 in the morning. So that you can get ready for work.
  • Take short chai or coffee breaks before your lunch.
  • Eat the heaviest food of your entire day between 12 and 2 – so you can work with total energy.
  • Eat something light till 3 – 4 o’clock.
  • Have your last meal of the day at 6 pm. Eat only half of your hunger so your stomach can digest your food.
  • In any case, eat food by 6 o’clock, because delaying the meal can lead to stomach problems.

Nutrient-rich breakfast

In the morning, your stomach is empty and ready for the first meal of your day. But you can eat less fatty or heavy in one go.

So instead, it would help to have a nutrient-rich breakfast to prepare for the rest of your day. For example, you can start your morning breakfast with green vegetables, fruits, smoothies, or oatmeal. This will give you all the nutrients you need, and be all set to start your day.

 Eat food simultaneously every day

We have learned about the right time to eat; now, your schedule needs. If you want your digestive system to function correctly, you must keep your meal times the same. That’s why you have to make a habit of eating at the same time every day for at least a week.

If you are unaware of the time, set the alarm so that you can eat at the right time every day. Then, when you eat food at a fixed time for a week, your digestive system will be able to work well and digest your food. By which you will get rid of stomach problems, and you can focus on your work.

Avoid eating snacks at night

When training your body to expect food at the right time, try drinking water, even hot water or herbal tea, to quell the hunger. Don’t eat snacks late at night. You know that at night your body is working to suppress your appetite till morning.

So let it do its job. You don’t need to eat at night. Remember: You are training your body to be healthy, which may become possible over time.

Chapter 4: Workout: Do the suitable activity at the right time

The heart and the brain are our body’s two most essential parts. And these two are connected by breath. You immediately engage your heart and mind when you take a deep breath. You can check it now. Take slow, deep breaths.

And enjoy that breath. Some of your stress has been taken away by taking deep breaths. Although slow, deep breaths are often taken through meditation and yoga, they are immediately beneficial at the most modest level of a workout. So keep these things in mind while working out:

Work out as soon as possible

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life English

Doing your activity early in the day helps you control your blood sugar. But working out first thing in the morning can have even more significant benefits. When you work out before breakfast, you work out while the body is still hungry.

So when you work hard enough to eliminate sugar by depleting oxygen to your muscles, your body may be less able to take in your food due to less sugar in your blood.

And with this, you will have to work out only 20-25 minutes before breakfast. You can run on or off the Treadmill to get started.

But if you are working out for the first time, you can do interval training, in which you have to walk as fast as you can for one minute, and then you can walk more comfortably for two minutes. This way, you won’t have any trouble getting started and can complete your workout.

More workout is sometimes better

Most of us work out daily, but many people work out too much. This is good to a great extent, but it is sometimes better.

For example, if you think about working out for just minutes on a Treadmill, you might need to work out as much as possible to get the most out of it. But to lose weight, doing cardio for an hour daily is a lie.

Research shows that while exercising may be best for a short period, you don’t need to work out as much as you think. When you decide to get in shape, start going to a gym and working hard until you gradually begin having trouble with your schedule and eventually because of the problem.

You are forced to skip some workouts due to your schedule. And ultimately, you give up going to the gym altogether.

That’s why the author says that instead of doing a lot of workouts in a single day, do a little exercise every day, even if it is less than before. For example, if you last worked out many years ago, start walking briskly every morning, even if it’s only for ten to fifteen minutes. If you move more comfortably after lunch and after dinner, move.

And finally, by doing this daily, your schedule can be changed by taking a deep breath, and you can clear your mind.

Chapter 5: Overcome Our Minor Problems

We all have some problems in our life. But many issues are very minor – and they can be easily overcome. For example: If working out in the morning is a problem for you because you do not have time for breakfast.

So to take time for breakfast, prepare porridge or fruits at night and keep it. And set your alarm five minutes before breakfast every day.

So that in just four days you will have enough time for your morning walk. Also, put out your workout clothes and work clothes the night before. With this, you will get up quickly in the morning and get ready on time, saving much time for breakfast.

Suppose you find it intimidating to have heavy lunch continuously. So, pack a lunch to take to work, and remember that if you eat a heavy lunch, you’ll need to cook less at dinner.

By which your fear will go away – because if you eat heavy food during the day, you can manage your schedule by eating less at night. And also eat lunch on time.

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life

However, eating food on time can also be a problem for you, the solution to which is straightforward. All you have to do is set an alarm on your phone to remind you of the meal times. So that when it is time for you to eat, you can eat your food on time without any problem.

If you are worried about how to eat less for dinner, you may feel hungry late at night. So, find some easy yet healthy food items for dinner. Eat something with little to say but enough to satisfy your hunger. Avoid junk food in your feed and eat green vegetables and healthy food.

And keep in mind that the dinner should not be too oily and spicy. Eat protein-rich food for dinner. It promotes our metabolism and tries to curb hunger. Due to this, we do not feel hungry again and again at night, and we are saved from food cravings.

This means you can control your appetite by eating protein-rich food for dinner. You can also use Paneer Bhurji and lots of vegetables in the food to include protein in your feed.

Suppose the thought of leaving your electronic devices on in the evening bothers you. So, do the evening activities you do on your electronic devices in the free time of your day.

When planning to leave the electronic device at night, decide what work you can do at night without an electronic device. You may read or write a book at night to make changes, which will help you deal with your bad habits and knowledge.

Similarly, you can control your minor problems. And you can prepare an excellent new schedule for yourself. The author has included many small changes in the book, which we can make and use our new program to change our lives.

Before starting the new schedule, keep these tiny changes in mind and work on your new schedule by creating a little creativity and planning.

For the first 30 days, use as prescribed by the author, then proceed in the same way by making changes according to your need. As a result, you can avoid your old habits from the first few days onwards. And you can keep yourself healthy every day for the rest of your life.


This book taught us how to change our life by changing our schedules. Minimal changes have been told in the book, which we can use. You have to understand your need and make the necessary changes, and with time you can change your whole life with your new schedule.

So friends, now the time has come to tell what was the best thing about this book you have just learned and will implement 100% in your life. Feel free to comment and let me know.

Change Your Schedule Change Your Life Book Review

“Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life” by Michelle D. Seaton and Suhas Kshirsagar offers a transformative approach to achieving balance and well-being.

With a focus on aligning our routines with our body’s natural rhythms, the book presents practical strategies for optimizing health, productivity, and happiness.

Dr. Kshirsagar, drawing from Ayurvedic principles and modern science, provides valuable insights on sleep, nutrition, exercise, and managing stress.

The clear and concise writing style makes the book accessible to readers of all backgrounds. By implementing the recommended changes to our daily schedules, this book serves as a guide to enhancing overall wellness and unlocking our full potential.

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