The Whisper Manifestation Technique (All You Need to Know)

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The Whisper Manifestation Technique

Generally, we see that we are unable to express our hearts in front of others. This can be the budding love in your heart or anything which you may feel uncomfortable expressing with that person – maybe you want to tell them the truth, but you fear apprehension of how they will react to it.

Or, do you want that the other person come to you and tell you the thing that you always wanted to hear? Some people may wholeheartedly wish that someone may come to them and propose, or their boss may give then a hike in the appraisal meeting.

Do you want a similar thing in your own life? Do you repeat the following lines deep within yourself, “I am not able to say in words, and by not being able to say those things, I may not be able to maintain my calm?”


At this juncture, I want to tell you that today we will be sharing with you such a technique, using which, wishes of such kind you wanted to manifest, you can easily do those with a flick of your fingers.

So are you ready to understand this technique in detail so that all those things which you have kept hidden in this locker named heart, all those can come out and you may feel light from a load of those things? This Law of Attraction technique is named The Whisper Manifestation Technique.

All of you are requested to understand this blog better, do not miss even a single word of this blog because everything is explained in detail with step-by-step examples.

Before implementing the technology quickly, it is even more important to understand it well. If even one step is missed, this technique may not work.

We must have felt some other time that there is constant anxiety inside our hearts, and at that moment, we just want wholeheartedly to either speak our heart out to the person or that person himself says those words to us.

Expressing Ourselves

Singer Vinod Rathod has summarized this anxiety so beautifully in the words of this song, “Don’t know how to hide, don’t know how to express, I have lovely feelings for you, but don’t know how to tell you”.

I can very well see that you are thinking about whether this Whisper Manifestation technique is the same technique using which we can express our feelings in this heart to the person in front of us or whether that person himself expresses those tender feelings with us.

The Whisper

Do you remember your childhood? How we used to tell some information into the ears of our friend, and the rest of the people surrounding us would start murmuring about what information on earth we have shared into the ears of our friend.

This simple act of whispering something in the ears was so secretive that we would leave the game we were deeply involved in and would put all our efforts into figuring out what exactly had been whispered into those ears.

In the next moment, we see that there is a king holding a general meeting inside his fort, and suddenly his commander-in-chief arrives and whispers something into his ears. After that incident, the king dissolved that general meeting and ordered an immediate gathering of his council of ministers.

Often you would have noticed in the temple of God Shiva that the devotees would utter their wishes into the ears of his carrier Nandi so that those wishes may reach the God Shiva and may be fulfilled in a jiffy.

So you just saw in the above instances how sacred it is regarded the very simple act of whispering something into the ears. So let us now know about this technique in some more detail.

In this Whisper Manifestation technique, our simple aim is either we are able to express ourselves to the person in front of us or the person in front of us comes near to us to say all those things which we heartily want to hear.

This may be possible that someone may be avoiding you and changes his path at the sight of you or may have blocked your number, or you want that the other person may come to you and say sorry or express his love to you.

The Whisper Manifestation Technique

Using this Whisper Manifestation technique, you will come to know how you can strengthen the vibrational energy of your wishes and how without coming in direct physical contact with that person, you would be able to convey your information to that person or that person may himself come near you and start expressing all those words which you always wanted to hear.

Ingredients Of This Technique

This Whisper Manifestation technique is very simple and for its usage, you don’t have to do a lot of preparations. What is required is just a calm mind and a clear goal as to what exactly you want to achieve.

Same as the Jinn who used to appear in front of Allahadin and would ask what exactly you want. In this technique also, order the Jinn of this Universe as to what all you want to say to the other person or wish to hear from the other person.

This would be like you were making plans in your head to express something special to a person, and one fine day, suddenly, that same person comes to you and utters those special words. This would be butterfly in the stomach moment for you.

So, do you want to experience this wonderful feeling in real life?

So, let’s come together and know what steps we need to take so that we can deploy this Whisper Manifestation technique easily in order to attain our wishes and get the desired results, too:

Step 1

In this step, firstly you need to choose a calm and quiet place. This must be a place where no one can come near you. This can be your room or that particular bench in any park. You are free to choose any other place based on your convenience.

Step 2

Now that you have chosen that peaceful place, you need to focus your mind on that very place. You must try to bring in that unbreakable focus. You must try not to have any thoughts or talks inside your head.

Step 3

In this step, you need to make the figure of the person inside of you to whom you want to express the words you hold close to your heart. Or, this can be the person, you want to hear some particular words from.

If there lies any confusion in this step, please don’t worry, as we are going to see both these scenarios using real-life examples.

Step 4

This is the most important step that you would take in this technique. You must decide within yourself what special feeling you would like to express or get expressed for yourself.

If you attain success in this step, then this Whisper Manifestation technique will change your life for the time to come, as this is where the power play of clarity will work wonders.

It is said that if one is clear within oneself, then nothing comes in one’s path – nothing can stop that person from attaining his goal. If some problems arise, they too get cleared off from this way.

But unfortunately, it happens that at one moment, we decide on one thing, and the very moment we want another thing and, thereafter, something else.

We need to set an example of strong willpower if we really want to awaken the forces through this Universe.

Step 5

In this step, you need to showcase the power of your visualization. You will be required to see that you are sitting in front of that special person, your eyes are glaring into that special person’s eyes, and you are saying that special message into that special person’s ears.

Step 6

Now that you have taken the above five steps, take a moment to express your gratitude to that mighty Universe – express how grateful you are today that you have expressed that special message lying in your heart to that person or have heard those special words desired from that special person which you have been willing to hear since time immemorial.

Be engrossed in this magical moment and be thankful to that special provider who has enabled your wish to come true.

Step 7

The Whisper Manifestation Technique Blog

Now being engrossed in this magical feeling, get started with your daily chores. Let the Universe do his work for you and you just move ahead in life having full trust in this technique. See for yourself how the magical moments unfold on this heavenly earth.

Now that you understand all the steps of this Whisper Manifestation technique let’s come together to make this technique even more simplified by connecting it with real-life examples and see for ourselves so that at the very end of this blog, you may jump-start your manifestation journey using this technique, that too, without any hesitation and fulfill all your wishes.

During the training of the Olympians, this has been observed by the researchers in their study that unless these people set their inner world at peace, these people are not able to attain their best performance in the outside world.

This means that unless they are able to regain control of their thoughts and feelings in their mind and heart, they are not able to be in a position to give their very best performance. In the same fashion, when you deploy this Whisper Manifestation technique you should make sure that your inner world is at its best so that your wishes may manifest smoothly in the outside world.

Always remember, your inner world makes your outer world.

So let’s see how using this Whisper Manifestation technique in our real lives we can design our outer world using our inner world. To illustrate this, we take two examples.

One is where you want to say something to someone, and the other is where you want to hear something special from someone.

Expressing Yourself Through the Whisper Manifestation Technique

Suppose that the entire day you, in your heavy voice, sing just one song whose words are something like this, “How do I say to you that I want to live in your heart?”

I can feel that many of you are able to relate to the feelings hidden in this song.

Yes, you are right in your thoughts. In this example, we will explore the hidden love in the depth of our hearts for that someone special using this Whisper Manifestation technique and know how to express it to that someone special.

Matching your excitement, let’s come together and see how this Whisper Manifestation technique can help us to do exactly the same:

Step 1

First of all, choose a place where you can not be interrupted. This can be your personal room or the rooftop of your house.

Step 2

Now you make your mind in such an equilibrium that you are able to focus smoothly.

In each of our lives, every day, we get some tasks and challenges, and we get so engrossed in finding solutions to these that we keep on thinking about them day and night.

At this moment, you should forget about all such things and focus on one goal and show your dedication and commitment and keep yourself tied to the present moment.

Step 3

Now putting your steps forward, try seeing that person to whom you want to spill your heart’s matters. If you wish so, you may close your eyes and feel the presence of that special someone in front of you and try retaining a gentle smile on your face.

It is often said that if you remain happy, then this Universe keeps on sending such things which help in maintaining that state of happiness in you – here, the vibrational principle of the Universe comes into play.

Step 4

Now you decide within yourself what all do you want to say to such a special person. This may so be possible that you must have met on the wrong foot and things have been not very nice, or there must have ensued some form of misunderstanding.

Or, this too is possible that you may not have approached that special person at all, and you, in your own fancy world, may have started loving that special person.

Or, maybe you are friends with that special person, and now you really want to take this friendship on to the next level, but as it usually happens that you are afraid to make a move, and in this state of fear, you are not able to say anything.

Today, this Universe has given you such an opportunity via this Whisper Manifestation technique that you think really hard and nicely about what you want to express to that special person.

The Whisper Manifestation Technique English

You have time today – you must handpick the right kinds of words to strike the best impact, which would be best to make those hearty feelings to that special person – to make that person convinced – to mend that very start on the wrong foot – by that tender invitation for a coffee or a sorry note, with a lovely rose.

You must carefully think along these lines. If you wish, you may write these all handpicked words to express your feelings on a piece of paper or in a journal.

Step 5

Now, you must visualize yourself sitting in front of that person and feel those thoughts touring your mind. You must be looking into that special person’s eyes.

Try to establish a connection. The very chemistry you want to establish with that special person, let it envelop the entire surrounding. Be as creative as you can be.

See yourself in a grand dress and also, see that special person, likewise. You make a start by a beautiful and romantic song or shift that entire place to a beautiful island where love is in the air and the gentle wind is giving kisses on your cheek, and the same for that special person.

When you feel yourself in this flow of mesmerizing feelings, then you must whisper all those tender feelings which you had already thought about in the previous step or have written them.

Express yourself in the most vivid sense and be totally open. This step is the most crucial step of this Whisper Manifestation technique, so here you must give nothing but your very best.

You must know and wholeheartedly believe that this life is a miracle and every day there are so many miracles happening. Today is your lucky day to activate the miracle using this technique.

So do not delay – this Universe is just waiting for you to make a move – move forward – take steps.

Nothing works until you work – so be fearless and confident and express all those hidden feelings into those ears.

Step 6

Today, you have done in your life which has always made you fearful just by having a thought. You must express your gratitude towards this Universe that you have accomplished this work and tell your feelings hidden deep inside your heart to that very special person.

Step 7

Now, you just have to be happy and totally focused on your work at hand. You have told this mighty Universe what you want, and now you must have faith that soon you will be sent opportunities where all these things will unfold, which you have just thought.

Be alert and read the signals of this Universe and work upon them. It is rightly said that if you really love someone with passion, then this entire Universe conspires to make that thing a reality.

So you just be ready. Give up the laziness in you and see the miracle happening in front of your eyes.

Let’s now come together and see the next example and quickly learn how you can get the other person to express to you the things you always wanted to hear using this Whisper Manifestation technique.

Hearing What You Always Wanted To Hear

Who does not love a promotion, but how to approach the boss on this issue has been the million-dollar question of all times.

If you step up to the next level and see for yourself how it is that boss approaches you or, in a general meeting, announces that you are being promoted and your designation will be this. I can feel that I have kept my hand on the wounded part of many of you.

But, I won’t just keep my hand, would also try to give you the solution to this eternal problem using this Whisper Manifestation technique.

In this very example, we will strive to make our revered boss come to us and announce that promotion news to us.

So, let’s come together and see ourselves as to how using this Whisper Manifestation technique we can manifest this wish:

Step 1

We all are very sincere when it comes to our careers; at least, we sound so. So in this step, you have to set an example of that sincerity by choosing a peaceful place.

Step 2

The Whisper Manifestation Technique Hindi

By giving an example of your commitment, you should concentrate your mind on this very important decision of your career. You must make peace inside of you and, by forgetting all the things, try to bring in total focus.

Step 3

Now, you must visualize the figure of your boss. You see that both of you are sitting in a room in one on one meeting, and today, he is not to speak anything, and it is your turn to speak to him.

Step 4

You should decide what are those things you would like to hear from him. What level of promotion – what perks would be available – will you be getting a vehicle – a new home – new mobile, and other new avenues of possibilities – what would be your new designation – will it ensure on-site opportunities with it.

Whatever it is that you would like to hear, you must think of all those things. If you wish, then you may scribe all these things on a piece of paper or in a journal.

This Universe has a lot of care for you and wishes that you be in a state of bliss at all times. Today is the day when you can make your boss say all the things regarding your promotion.

Step 5

You must visualize sitting in front of your boss. You must see that your boss is in a great mood today and you are all dressed up very smartly. Do not be a miser on account of creativity and imagination. See that today you are so happy, and the boss is also not saying anything.

Now, that you have made this connection with your boss, then look into his eyes with a gentle voice and whisper into his ears all those things which you wanted him to tell you.

If you want your boss to praise you in front of everyone, you must tell him this, too. You must tell him that when he is done praising you, then as a small token of appreciation, he may announce the news of your promotion and all the corresponding perks that come with it.

This is your life and you are its sole creator and designer, so do not be a miser and say all the things in the ears of your boss that you wanted him to tell.

Just remember one thing, be always inspired by positivity and never be focused on anybody’s negative side. Just give yourself opportunities to learn and keep moving forward. Then only this Whisper Manifestation technique would gift you with the desired results.

Step 6

You have done your part, and this opportunity has been given to you by this Universe, so you should express your gratitude towards this Universe.

There is an inherent magic in gratitude – this communicates to that mighty Universe that you are a humble person and you are set to do more and achieve more in this God-gifted life, and whatever you have, you are grateful to the Universe that it has poured so much love upon you.

Step 7

Now that you have uttered your wishes in the ears of your boss then you must get busy getting some really nice value additions.

Always remember that anything will only work unless you work – when you act on the things – be it on yourself, be it on your conditions, be it on your people.

You will have to work hard to make the magic happen. Be it expressing your love or that much-needed promotion – always be willing to make some valuable additions to yourself.

If you remain to be a part of the crowd, then you too will get what a crowd would get, and in most cases, it will be nothing.

If you really want to do something different in life, leave a mark, then you need to do something different – you would need to evolve yourself .

You would be required to work on yourself – then you would be able to come out of that crowd and be part of that elite club of ultra achievers that this world honors.

This is really a matter of thinking that if you were that mighty force for a day, then whose efforts you will recognize – that crowd that has no direction or that person who at all times is working to bring about some value addition in himself?

You must have got your answer. In this so busy world, human beings have become so involved that they do not have time even to think or do anything different – we strive to take you away from that auto-pilot life and put in into a world where there are possibilities – everything is easy – and belongs to you.

The Whisper Manifestation Technique


The only thing is to heed to the need of the hour and take some time out to include this Whisper Manifestation technique in your life and be out of that auto-pilot mode and enter a world of immense possibilities – an abundance mindset where positive forces are all working in support of your upliftment.

With this belief that you will be able to dig out some moments for this Whisper Manifestation technique out of your precious time, we seek a departure from you to meet again with another life-changing blog.

Thank you !

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