Name it! Claim it! Take it! By Dag Heward-Mills

Name it! Claim it! Take it!

Unleash limitless possibilities! In "Name it! Claim it! Take it," Dag Heward-Mills empowers you to activate faith, manifest desires, and embrace a life of abundance. Say goodbye to doubt and step into your destiny now!

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Name it! Claim it! Take it! by Dag Heward-Mills is a compelling and insightful book that delves into the principles of faith, positive confession, and the power of claiming God’s promises for a victorious life. Drawing on biblical teachings and personal experiences, Dag Heward-Mills encourages readers to tap into the unlimited potential of their faith to overcome challenges and achieve their God-given destinies


Here you will learn about Name it! Claim it! Take it, a book written by Dag Heward Mills. In this book, the author tells how you can achieve anything by name and claim method. Let’s understand this method in a little detail.

Faith is the key to a breakthrough. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. When we believe that God is able to do what He has promised, we are more likely to receive it.

Name it! Claim it! Take it!
Summary English

We must name what we want. This means that we must be specific about our requests. We cannot just say, “I want a breakthrough.” We must say, “I want a breakthrough in my finances.” or “I want a breakthrough in my health.”

We must claim what we have named. This means that we must take ownership of our requests. We must believe that we already have what we have asked for.

We must take what we have claimed. This means that we must act on our faith. We must not sit back and wait for things to happen. We must take steps to make our breakthrough a reality.

To explain this book well, we have divided it into 11 Chapters. So let’s Start.

Chapter 1. Master Key of success

Name it! Claim it! Take it! a few words to increase your faith. These words will expand the faith inside you. Every person must have faith in himself because only then will we be able to have confidence. You can also do something big in my life. Faith is the reason for success and miracles in life. Faith is the only reason for all your prayers to be successful.

Those with faith are more intelligent and successful than those without faith. For everyone who has reached a great level to date, having faith in themselves is a common habit. People who do not have faith in themselves get scared when there are little difficulties and disappointments and give up. On the other hand, those who have faith in themselves do not give up in the face of challenges or disappointment and keep moving forward.

Name it! Claim it! Take it!
 Summary Hindi

There is a wrong perception of confidence in the minds of many people; it is thought about the belief that only those people who are wealthy or down-to-earth believe in such things. Or those who are lazy sit and wait for some magic to happen to them; only those people believe in faith, but in reality, it is not.

Faith is the thing that motivates you to move forward in life. If you are working hard in life and have faith that you will succeed one day, then you will feel that because of having faith, you are moving forward on the path of success.

If someone says that I do not believe in the concept of faith at all, then it cannot happen. Because every time you sit on a chair, you faith in the chair. You know it will make you sit and not fall. That’s why you sit on it without thinking many times.

You rely on technology whenever you get into a car or an airplane. You are also trusting the driver or pilot sitting in the cabin. This is called faith. Now, in the same way, you have to trust yourself. It would be best to repeat in your mind that you can; when you speak to yourself positively, you will feel a different energy.

The thing to know here is how you develop this faith within yourself. So, first of all, you should know that faith is not something like a muscle you can create immediately; instead, it is a way of looking at yourself. Faith develops on whether you see yourself as a loser or a winner.

Give yourself a small task to develop faith in yourself. Like completing some work, getting up early in the morning, and washing the plate you have eaten yourself. By doing this, you will get confidence in yourself that you have fulfilled your commitment. In this way, slowly, you will start believing in yourself.

Chapter 2. Name It!

Whatever you want in life, you can say or ask God by taking its name because you will get nothing until you ask for something. Many people often give all the blame to God when something goes wrong in life. Many people say that even earthquakes and floods came because of God.

In reality, there is nothing like that. God gives us full support in our journey. But people don’t ask him for anything with confidence considering themselves less. If you want to achieve something from your heart, you usually will work for it, and God will surely give you that.

Chapter 3 Claim It!

To claim means to claim. Here it means that, what you want to get, proclaim it from God with full faith. We, humans, will always have shortcomings or need for improvement. Some have more ability, and some have less, but there is a possibility of improvement in every human being. It is a part of our life which will always be there. You can’t run away from it.

If you say that I am perfect and there is no deficiency in me, then you are deceiving yourself because it is impossible for a human being to have no shortage. If you accept your shortcomings or mistakes and commit to improving them, you will start moving towards improvement, and the flaws will end.

Chapter 4. I Am! I Have! I Can!

When naming and claiming, you must stick to your word for God. This means you remain entirely on what you have asked from God. It should not happen that your demand keeps on changing again and again. By doing this, your wish will never be fulfilled.

If you make some unrealistic or foolish claim to God, God will never listen to you. Even if you make an imaginary claim, i.e. any such demand which is impossible in this world, they will not listen to you. What you demand or claim from them should be realistic and practical.

The author says that no message ever comes from God. That is what he wants you to become. It is your actions that decide what you will become. He says, God never told me what I would become. I became what I and my life’s actions decided. He says I do not believe we get direction from God in what we must do in life.

It is always our own decision to do anything. Just name and claim what you need for your goal so that God can support you and help you achieve those things. 

Do such self-talking and prayer that you can do what you believe in. For this, do affirmations like this.

  • I Am a New Creature: All the people in this world are new creatures; old things have passed, and everything is new.
  • I Am Thankful for Who has saved us from darkness and evil deeds and given us a place in the beautiful world-like kingdom.
  • I Am Blessed: Thanks to the God who taught me this, and because of this, I learned many spiritual things.
  • I Am King: My God has made me a king to achieve whatever I want.
  • I Have All Things: I have everything needed in life; now, I have to use them correctly.
  • I Have Dominion: I have a clear image of someone I want to be like.
  • I Have the Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind: God has put in me a holy spirit of love and spread, and I follow it.
  • I Have the Greater One in Me: There is a more fantastic version of me hidden inside me, which I am about to bring out.
  • I Have the Wisdom of God Operating through Me: I have the wisdom to do what God has made me to do.
  • I Can Do All Things: With the blessings of God, I have all the things needed inside me.
  • I Can Cast Out Devils: I will cast out all the evils inside me.
  • I Can Heal the Sick: Those who believe in God always have this quality that they get well soon from the disease and help others to do so.
  • I Can Make It: I am sure whoever believes in God in this world has the capability and qualities to rule it.

You can claim these things from God by using these affirmations in prayer. When you claim all these things, your faith will automatically grow in yourself and God. All these affirmations are based on sacred laws. Make a declaration of these things again and again.

Name it! Claim it! Take it! Summary

These are not the words of an irresponsible dreamer. These are holy words full of faith. God wants His children, i.e., humans, to see what valuable heritage He has given us. So from today, you look at your origin. Accept that all these things are genuine, and you can have them.

Chapter 5: How to do it?  

Joshua must inspire you to develop faith. Joshua was a commander. He ruled the land on which he had promised to lead his forefathers. Joshua was considered a courageous and hardworking soldier. He could do all this only when he respected the Word of God, i.e., the abovementioned affirmations, and followed them with faith.

To work on your faith, develop courage. If you observe life carefully, you will notice that, you need bravery for every third task. If someone is sick, it takes courage to help him. If you want to do something, you need the courage to work hard.

You must work like an ant to succeed in life or become rich. You must have seen while working the ant always works in a line. Without looking left or right, she concentrates on her work; she doesn’t care about anything else. In the same way, to be successful, focus on your work.

Nothing will happen by claiming without offering anything. When God comes to give you the fruits for your claim, He will surely see what you have sown, i.e. your actions and efforts. So the seed has to be planted for whatever you claim and want.

If you want a good marriage, be ready to perform the wedding well. To play it well, be prepared if you need to obey everything of your husband or wife. The author says that in 1983 he claimed his bright future life. He put faith in the words of God and worked hard for what he asked for. Today he has all the things that he used to ask from God. He says that I am a living example of how we have to believe in the words of God.

Chapter 6. Affirmation for Breakthrough

  • My ability and power are more significant than all the ability and power in the world. That’s why I can do what no one else can.
  • I dare to work hard.
  • I have the necessary patience to succeed and I am willing to work hard.
  • I can see new positive thoughts growing inside me.
  • I cannot fail because God’s blessings are with me.
  • I listen to positive things. listen to positive people. I have the information I need to succeed.
  • My mind is ready to take knowledge from God, i.e. universal powers.
  • I have open eyes and a mind to see opportunities all around me.
  • I am prepared to work hard to make my business successful.
  • My mind is calm. I am intelligent.

Chapter 7. Affirmations to Increase Wisdom

  • I am a creative and innovative person.
  • I have good ideas for the present and future.
  • My mind is alert and active.
  • I am learning new things every day in life. I’m clear.
  • I have put my trust in God and will get positive results.
  • The knowledge of God is greater than the knowledge of humans.
  • The knowledge that I have is free from partiality. I will benefit all humans with my understanding.
  • I have a storehouse of knowledge.
  • I have the necessary knowledge to grow my business.
  • When I hear the words of God, I immediately obey them. Because of this, I find myself doing good things.
  • When I wake up, I see happiness all around me.
  • I am following the knowledge of God. There is no defeat or failure in my life.
  • I am happy in the morning and pleased in the evening too.
  • I am moving forward every day.
  • I have the knowledge needed to make my relationships happy.
  • I have had stable and long-lasting relationships.
  • I am getting more knowledge every day.
  • With my continuous work, I am getting more knowledge every day.
  • I take the advice of good advisors. For this reason, my decisions are secure and balanced.
  • I am always ready to take advice from those better than me and point the way for those less successful.
  • I am a winner.
  • Winning ideas are flowing through my mind.
  • Knowledge and motivation always remain inside me, and I can see its effect in my work.
  • Stupidity is far away from me.
  • The scope of my thoughts is so enormous that I can understand everything I want.
  • I understand natural and spiritual things.
  • I have good knowledge of history, geography, literature and other arts.
  • I understand law, medicine and philosophy.
  • I don’t get confused by the words of liars.
  • I am a leader because I have the wisdom to lead.
  • My wisdom is making me a better person and richer.
  • I am fearless. I can make good friends with all kinds of people. I don’t have any partiality feelings.
  • I can build good relationships with managers, ministers and presidents.
  • People respect the advice that I give them.
  • When evil people call upon Me, I do not go after them to sin. I don’t get involved in unnecessary work with useless people.
  • Wisdom has made me a hardworking person.
  • I am an honest person.
Name it! Claim it! Take it!
Summary by Dag Heward Mill

Chapter 8. Affirmations To Overcome Obstacles

  • I believe and accept that I have good friends in my life.
  • My friends are more than my enemies. My enemies do not affect my life.
  • Some people even say against me, but I am getting more successful every day despite that.
  • I can confidently say that my enemies feel disappointed and insulted.
  • Those who have made themselves lazy will be suddenly eliminated. That’s why I always keep increasing my power.
  • Every lazy and obstructionist person is being removed from my life. Or is he changing and becoming powerful?
  • Confusion has spread in the mind of my enemy.
  • My enemies will reap what they sow.
  • Those who tell lies against me will get only lies and hatred for them.
  • My enemy has been defeated.
  • No one can take from me what God has given me.
  • All things are working together for my good.
  • God is exposing my enemies.
  • I see my enemies fighting with each other.
  • God is taking revenge for all the evil done against me.
  • For every bad story that is spread against me, God gives me ten good witnesses to turn it into good.
  • God is making me such a good name that it is enough to replace the things spoken against me with an entirely positive image.
  • I see every enemy falling before me. It is difficult to fight against me because God is on my side.
  • My power is enough to rule the whole world.
  • Because God is in me, that’s why I can’t fail. Winning is my birthright.
  • I respect and support those who appreciate me.

Chapter 9. Affirmations for Prosperity

  • I believe in living a luxurious rich life.
  • From now on, God will be happy with my prosperity. I accept with confidence that God is pleased when I have money. That’s why I always grow and get more prosperous every day.
  • I have found that prosperity and honesty can be found together. I wholeheartedly embrace openness and richness.
  • God wants me to flourish.
  • I am a homeowner and building multiple homes.
  • I am buying land for my house. It is auspicious to build a house. God tells me to build a house. That’s why I’m making a house.
  • God has given me the ability to build a wonderful house.
  • My house is a beautiful mansion.
  • The finishing of my house is beautiful.
  • People compliment my house every day.
  • All the rooms in my house are full of luxury and valuable things.
  • I have a garage in my house. And that garage is full of expensive and all kinds of cars worldwide.
  • Prosperity is coming into my life. I imagine myself driving a luxury car.
  • I have many cars. I give cars as gifts to friends.
  • God has made me so rich that I can buy a luxury car whenever need.
  • I believe in hard work. I am not a lazy person. I work very hard.
  • I am free from the cycle of working for nothing. I keep away from my thoughts of poverty and lack of money. I am attracting every thought of wealth.
  • I am not struggling my way to get rich but enjoying the practice.
  • My prosperity is real. I do not owe anything to anyone.
  • I earn real profit. I have tangible assets, paper assets and multiple income sources giving income.
  • I have nice clothes to wear.
  • I eat good food every day.
  • I have a good job. My work is getting better every day. Every seemingly impossible task is becoming possible.
  • The desire to become rich drives me to earn more money every moment.
  • Despite knowing I am prosperous, I pray to God daily to thank him for it.
  • I openly help needy people. Even when I don’t have, I try to give as much as possible.
  • My net worth has ups and downs; despite all this, my net worth is increasing.
  • People are giving me respect because of my wealth.
  • I am earning a hundred times more money.
  • I am enjoying things in excess.
  • In reality, crores of rupees are flowing into my life.
  • My financial future is very bright.
  • I have the spirit of being thankful. There is no greed in my life.
  • I am like a tree planted on the banks of moving rivers. That’s why I am flourishing financially.
  • I am entirely financially confident. Even if everything I have today is gone, I can still make it again.
  • I have the right network and opportunities to earn money.
  • I die only after completing what I start.
  • All my projects are getting completed.
  • I am a magnet to attract money.
Name it! Claim it! Take it!

Chapter 10. Affirmations to Dominate in the Business World  

  • From today onwards, God is my business partner.
  • I contribute lakhs to the purpose of God.
  • I accept with courage that one of my company’s goals is also to contribute to the works of God.
  • God likes the truth of my soul more than my money. That’s why I love working with ethics more than money.
  • God is going to give me success in my projects this week. My unfinished questions are going to be answered.
  • The one on whom my money is due will pay me from today. All my investments are secure.
  • I am making my company big with the blessings of God.
  • I see opportunities for my company to grow every day.
  • The profit of my company is increasing every day like a financial miracle.
  • My company has way more money than it needs. My company is profitable.
  • I have so much money that I need to hire an expense manager to spend it.
  • My company makes a profit daily, so my bank account is full of money.
  • Our company is working on new projects every month. Due to this, the customers are benefiting, and the company’s sales are increasing.
  • Bank managers respect me because I have crores of rupees in my account.
  • God is using me to help the poor and needy people.
  • I have won many awards. I will keep winning those awards like this.
  • I donate with simplicity.
  • I don’t donate money to get people’s attention. Still, I financially support needy people and organizations to thank God for what he has given me and keep taking blessings of his servants, i.e., humans and God.
  • I focus on building assets before materialistic things.
  • We prefer to take the liability items for the company from the profit earned from the asset.
  • I use fast cars and luxury things not to show off to others but to save time.
  • My business is debt free.
  • Because God is with me, so when any financial challenge comes to my company, I observe it beforehand and plan to deal with it.
  • I am an important person for my company.
  • I’m not a showy person. I have a lot of wealth. I am the owner of lots of money and gold and silver.
  • I am thankful for the inheritance that God has given me.
  • I’m always ready to move on. I’m not afraid to try new things.
  • I pay my debts on time.
  • I am growing financially every day.
  • We are also dealing in real estate.
  • My company believes in building real estate assets, giving us an opportunity for fixed and real financial growth.

Chapter 11. Affirmations to Operate Life Successfully

  • My life is full of God’s blessings.
  • Impossible things are becoming possible for me. Situations are happening in my favor.
  • I believe that I can manage all the tasks of my life very well because God is with me.
  • All things are working together for my good.
  • I am experiencing success every day.
  • It is my nature to be ahead in business and life. The ability to stay ahead naturally exists in me.
  • I have become a role model for my family and society.
  • I have God inside me, and I keep learning from him.
  • God will never take away his blessings from me.
  • I have stopped consuming negative news and thoughts from now on.
  • Now I only think positively.


Let’s repeat what you have learned so far from this book once, so that it is easy to remember.

  • Name it! Claim it! Take it! a few words to increase your faith. These words will expand the faith inside you. Every person must have faith in himself.
  • Whatever you want, you can say or ask God by taking its name because you will get nothing until you ask for something.
  • Claim means that, what you want to get, proclaim it from God with full faith. We, humans, will always have shortcomings or need for improvement. Some have more ability, and some have less, but there is a possibility of improvement in every human being. It is a part of our life which will always be there. You can’t run away from it.

Name it! Claim it! Take it! Book Review

Name it! Claim it! Take it! by Dag Heward-Mills is a powerful and inspirational book that explores the principles of faith and positive confession.

Through biblical teachings and personal anecdotes, the author encourages readers to embrace the power of faith and boldly declare God’s promises.

The book offers practical steps to apply these principles in daily life, making it a transformative and motivating read for anyone seeking spiritual growth and success.

With passionate writing and relatable examples, Dag Heward-Mills delivers a compelling guide to living a life of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment through unwavering faith.

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