MegaLiving by Robin Sharma opens the doors to a perfect life. We all have the potential to make a perfect life but we seldom do it to the fullest possible. Here is the key in the form of this book that will help you unlock your untapped potential.

We tend to limit our potential as we need more faith in ourselves. The key is to overcome this.

The lack of faith in ourselves creates more problems than we think. Hence, today’s summary will teach you how to appreciate yourself exactly and gain that faith inspired by the book Megaliving.


Today we are here with the summary of the book “MegaLiving” by the legendary author Robin Sharma. In this book, he teaches us the secrets of a perfect life. He gives us examples from the successful lives of people at the top in their fields, how they live, think, and constantly motivate themselves.

By following such examples, you can learn to mold their thoughts and actions and achieve success in their chosen field. But, of course, no one is without potential, and the book helps readers tap into their inner resources to achieve success and happiness. The key is to strive constantly for self-improvement.

Part 1: Megaliving! Philosophy

Chapter 1: Megaliving! Achieving Mastery of the Mind, Body & Character


The ultimate Challenge: Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen, and then some people ask what happened.

MegaLiving offers a view to see things differently and improves your mind, body, and character. Everybody has potential in them; they need to unleash that. Here the author gives us a workshop. By following those steps, we can achieve enormous things in life.

The power of limitless living: There is no such thing as adverse circumstances, only circumstances you can learn from. There are no mistakes in life; there are learnings only, which will allow you to grow. We achieve the limits we set for ourselves.

Chapter 2: Your Mind And Its Unlimited Potential

Your commitment to self-mastery – KAIZEN

KAIZEN means constant and never-ending little self-improvement in all areas to reach your full potential. Every high achiever has this trait in them. Study any great leader in the world, and you will notice that these all have one thing in expected, daily little improvements.

By improving daily, be it by exercising, reading, or meditating. Greatness takes time to come. You have to act great to be great. Nothing can stop a person who refuses to be stopped. Problems will always exist, but you must condition your mind to rise above them.

Do you feel distracted often? Do you lack willpower and discipline? If so, you must exercise your mind daily. If you do not use it daily, when not trained daily, it will get less sharp and weak like a body part. A weak mind cant resist destructive thoughts. From research, one thing is sure: anyone can enhance their mental functioning. This mega-living program will do this for you.

Personal Development

It is something that improves your life and reduces stress. Be it reading self-help books, listening to audiobooks, or watching the sunrise. The point is to tap into information and activities that are available for you to improve your life.

We should learn techniques and strategies to thrive. After all, we all need a single idea to change our lives.

This idea could be like- “no matter what you do, go all the way in or don’t go at all.” Just think about this line above, if we keep reminding ourselves of this often, someday it will become our reality, and we will give our best in any circumstances. Reading books gives you this kind of idea.

Physical Fitness

You should spend at least 30 minutes daily on exercise. It is just 2% of your day. But the results you will get will drastically change your life. Hit the gym or go for a run, swim, or walk; spend some time exercise. Your energy, mood, concentration, and everything will be at their peak. Just give it a try.

Relaxation and personal renewal time

The body and mind are like high-performance racing cars; they perform better when kept excellent and well-oiled. For example, look at MS Dhoni. He is calm as a cucumber.

Yet, we often wonder how he manages his calmness and wins matches for us. This thing comes from exercise and repetitions. Try to be calm in every situation. Give yourself time to relax. Stay calm.

The Nature of the Mind: The Ultimate Superpower

To unleash the power of your brain, you must be aware of what it is capable of. To run your mind like a peak performer, learn from these golden rules:

  • Your level of success is determined by what you think all the time. Your thoughts shape your world. Today’s thoughts will make your tomorrow, so choose wisely what to think today.
  • Your outer worlds reflect the inner world. If you want to change your life, start putting positive stuff in your mind. Success outside begins with thoughts. You are responsible for what you think. So through negative thinking and fill your mind with positive ones.
  • A successful mindset does not build in 1 single day. It takes at least 30 days. So practice it daily for at least 30 days to see results.
  • There is a success mechanism in your mind that craves success. Set goals and go for them. Your mind will feel better and will motivate you to achieve more. That is how the mind works.
  • Discipline and willpower are the qualities to ensure your success. You can develop kaizen to reach your goals with discipline and persistence.

The magic of discipline for life mastery

You will need sheer discipline and mental toughness to balance physical fitness, spiritual health, and professional and personal goals. Field ensures you are always focused on your plan. Without penalty, you become a slave of your mind.

Without mental toughness, disempowering thoughts will control your mind. You will worry more, sleep more, and become less productive daily. Here are some points about discipline and work ethic –

Winners are disciplined- Every person who has met with great success has abundant discipline and willpower. Remember, these are hidden inside you always; you need to unleash them.

Use your will: There is a rule that applies to everything, and it applies to discipline and willpower too, and that is, use or lose them. It’s like any other body part. First, you see them grow—like willpower and discipline- when you train them. Then, if you’re procrastinating on something, use your willpower to do that anyways, and after a while, you will do all the work you need to do.

Have big hopes and think good thoughts – Even if you think you are weak or incapable. You need one big push. Just have the right mindset and push yourself with sheer willpower, and you will see the magic happen.

Have you noticed many people come home, feel tired and go to bed? These people once used to think they would change the world, and now they feel tired. Ever wondered why? It’s a state of mind. People are not tired. They are just not interested, and that is where they need discipline to do what is essential.

The feel-good principle and belief system: Unleashing Vitality

When you overeat, sleep too much, or smoke, you feel good, encouraging you to do it more. These are the obstacles you need to overcome.

You keep doing those things because you feel good doing that. Make a list of all the things, like not exercising, worrying too much, and seeing obstacles instead of possibilities. Now make a strategy to eliminate those from your life. And the best way to do so is to apply that good principle to the positive one and avoid the negative one. Here is the strategy-

Step 1. The decision

MegaLiving Book

Today, decide to change your behavior for good. It has caused you so much pain and failure in the past; now it’s time to change that.

Like your procrastination caused you to lose so many times, and now you are financially broke, remember how bad it feels to be financially broke. Writing down has a powerful impact on your subconscious.

Step 2. The challenge technique

Now after you have written it down, keep working toward that decision. But when a negative thought enters, take it as a challenge, and challenge it by pinching yourself or something weird; bottom line, don’t let that negative thought distract you from your goal.

Instead, eliminate that by doing something. Soon you will master this technique, and negative thoughts will not be able to harm you.

Step 3. The new reality, the slide strategy

Now that you have decided and challenged your old patterns, it’s time to replace this old pattern with new behavior. In this strategy, we will substitute negative thoughts with positive ones. Mind is like a giant slide projector at a given moment; it can only run a single slide.

So, when you suffer from procrastination, you tend to waste time while you should be working, isolate it, challenge it and replace it with the thought of working hard (replace the slide). Picture in your mind the attractive benefits of completing tasks successfully. You will feel good. This good feeling is addictive. So keep doing hard work and feel good. You will soon be successful.

MegaThinking! & the enhancement of positivity

This chapter is about thinking. Success and confidence come from how you program yourself. You become what you think. But the real problem is we can think positively for some time but cannot make a habit. So here we are going to learn how to make it a habit.

The Magic of Goals: your visions of Excellence

All highly successful people share one habit in common, they set goals. Clear goals are the foundation of success and mastery. With clearly defined goals, you can go anywhere since you have direction. Here is a formula to achieve your goals:

  1. Know what you want – Find, recognize, and visualize the goals you are working on. Then, see yourself in the next 5, 10, or 20 years as where you want to go.
  2. Set a precise goal with a deadline & develop a strategy- once you know the direction, it becomes easy to reach your goals. Here direction means approach. Please write down your goals and attach firm deadlines to them. Then develop a daily plan to smash those goals. If a goal is too big, divide it into small parts and then go after it.
  3. Use pressure to your benefit- We consider pressure as a bad thing. But sometimes, it is necessary to bring out the best in you. For example, players make many runs in death overs in a cricket match because of pressure to set a bigger target for the opponent. Similarly, we need pressure in our life too. For example, we should publicly declare something we will achieve or among our relatives to create pressure. It will create pressure on you to achieve that particular goal.
  4. Enlist support- Get support from people. If you are trying to make money, create a mastermind group. If you want to lose weight, get support from a trainer. Get support from everyone who could help you get there.
  5. Remember the rule of 21- This rule says, whatever you do consistently for 21 days, it becomes a habit. So whatever you are doing, working out, meditating, or building a practice, do it for at least 21 days to get full of it.
  6. Enjoy the journey and reward yourself- If you have ever played PUBG, you must know there is a virtual chicken dinner if you win. And it makes you more addicted to that because of the rewards. So use that technique here. Set a goal and work towards it, and when you achieve that goal, give yourself a treat. But, again, it will make you more addicted to work.

 The Success Mechanism

From research, it is clear now that people who achieve tremendous success are the people who have defined goals under well-defined deadlines. If you hope to succeed without these key two elements, you are just gambling. So, now the question is how to develop these qualities.

Your goal-setting workshop:

  1. Take a paper and write what you want to accomplish and be remembered. Please keep it simple, but it must cover all aspects of life. This mission statement will guide you throughout life.
  2. Your mastery goals-write personal goals like physical fitness, a skill you want to develop.
  3. Also, write your material and fun goals. What things do you want to own, and what kind of fun do you want over the years?
  4. Write goals regarding finances. It’s a crucial thing in life. Write what amount of money you hope to achieve in 5,10,15 years.

Chapter 3: Your body: achieving self-mastery

The power of exercise – your fountain of youth

Top leaders, executives, and other peak performers have one thing in common: “physical fitness”. They have understood how important it is for their quality of life quality. So don’t say you don’t have enough time for that. Instead, make the best decision of your life and opt to go for exercise daily.

It has several benefits, like increased stamina, higher energy, better muscle tone, confidence and enthusiasm, and many more. Start easy and strong; start from 15 minutes a day. Remember to have fun and maintain a positive attitude.

Write down your goals for 1, 5, and 10 years. Use visualization to see a better picture of yourself. Then, make a daily program and stick to it.

The magic of diet

You are what you eat. What you eat will determine your performance in every aspect. Go for living foods instead of dead food(meat). It will change your life drastically. There are many benefits, such as improved energy, good skin quality, less sleep requirement, longer life, and less disease.

You only need lots of veggies, fewer carbs, more protein, fewer fats, and no meat. Eat more fruits that contain more water, like watermelon. Divide your meal into parts.

Ancient secrets for longevity

  • Breath to perfect health- Living appropriately is breathing correctly. Try to practice deep breathing. Breathe, hold for a second, and then release; it will increase your energy dramatically after practicing it for a few weeks. Alternate nostril breathing is the second type of breathing exercise; in yoga, we use anulom – vilom. Try to wake up early once a week, and you will feel connected to Nature, improving your breathing.
  • Chew properly- Everybody knows digestion is very energy-consuming, so we need to make it easy for our digestive system by chewing it properly.
  • Stop acting old- Maintain a youthful lifestyle to stay young. Keep learning new things, work out, learn new skills, read good books, and act like a young person, regardless of whether you are young or old. Maintain a good posture, chest up, shoulder back, head upwards.
  • Go for yoga – It will strengthen you from the inside. Our gurus and munis used to live longer than an average person just because of yoga.

Chapter 4: Your Character: Attaining Excellence & private victory

Your improvement is what is needed to lead a team, a family. You can only be a leader if you can teach yourself. And leaders are made of thoughts. You can only produce good results with good reviews.

A pleasure of proactivity

Remember, you are responsible for what happens to you. Being proactive means, you don’t think much about obstacles and think about opportunities; it means not complaining, but hustling hard, even if you find it tough to fight. All highly successful are proactive.

They don’t see failure as a failure but as an opportunity to learn. So learn from your setbacks and failures. Shape your circumstances instead of being shaped by them. An average person gets angry while facing failure, but only a proactive person can learn from it.

The lost art of effective personal management

MegaLiving Summary

Your inner world will determine your performance outside. Your thoughts and your goals should be aligned. Everything is created twice, once in a blueprint in the mind’s eye and second in reality. The principle of personal management is simple- put your goals first. Getting to your goal should be your priority—right your mission statement.

A mission statement is a written plan about your goals and how you will get there. Your mission statement should be clear since it will lead you to your goal. You can achieve any goal; the key is every thought and every action taken in your direction goal will eventually get you closer to them. Every step in another direction will distract you from your goal.

Remember the 80/20 principle. Your 80 % results will come from 20% of work. So focus on that 20% well.

The 8 Keys to the Path of Mastery

  1. Commitment and desire – A sheer desire and commitment to your goal will lead you to where you want to go.
  2. Knowledge and instruction- collect some knowledge about what you need to get there and how. Learn from experienced people in your field. They have a lot of knowledge, and they could provide some instruction.
  3. Kaizen and consistent practice – As we know, in kaizen, you must do something daily to make it a habit. Consistency is what is needed to avoid distractions.
  4. Persistence – Stick to your goal. Failure is inevitable, but you have lost if you are not persistent enough.
  5. Raise your standard and keep pushing – Learn about your field daily and make yourself learn and risk more to get more.
  6. Even teachers have teachers – Even though you become disciplined and successful, you still have to learn more because competition is always there. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse.
  7. Have fun and enjoy the journey – Working hard doesn’t mean you can’t want anything. Work hard, fun hard, and make every moment count. Work like hell while you are working. Have fun when it’s time to have fun.
  8. Share your knowledge and serve others – When you become successful, share your knowledge with the people struggling. It will make you feel good and will make you a maestro in that area.

Part 2: Powerful Master Secrets For Megaliving

  • Have 6 hours of quality sleep. You don’t need more than 6 hours of sleep. But it must be quality sleep.
  • Keep 1 hour of the morning reserved for personal improvement exercises like meditation, visualization, reading books, etc.
  • Take some time daily to figure out your most important task.
  • Have a positive mindset. Throw it out of the window immediately whenever a negative thought comes in.
  • Have good phone manners. Always talk with enthusiasm and confidence. Here is a trick: stand up and reply if you are sitting and a phone call comes; it will boost your confidence in your voice.
  • It happens with all of us that suddenly an idea pops into our mind, but till evening, it wipes out, and we usually forget. So keep some cards in your pocket. Whenever an idea hits you, could you write it down straight away?
  • Every Sunday evening, do something to calm yourself, listen to soothing music, read books, visualize or relax. It will boost your focus.
  • Quality of communication with yourself and others directly impacts your quality of life. Try to communicate better and positively.
  • Stay on purpose, don’t run after money, do your work.
  • Laugh for 5 minutes in front of a mirror. It will put you in a good mood.
  • Learn to meditate. It will give you peace of mind and boost concentration.
  • Try to be humorous throughout the day. It will make you feel good as well as others.
  • Become a highly disciplined time manager. Time is precious; we can see tremendous results in six months if managed well.
  • Associate with people with a positive and focused mindset. These people will inspire you, not drain the energy out of you.
  • Don’t take things like health, family, etc., for granted. Focus on them well.
  • Try to remember people’s names and always meet them with enthusiasm.
  • Be soft regarding kindness but be firm in challenging situations.
  • Never discuss your financial and personal life with others.
  • Take a lukewarm bath after the day. Give yourself rewards after every achievement.
  • Learn to breathe correctly. Try deep breathing.
  • Maintain a diary; write your thoughts here. Writing has magic in it. It will give you clarity about the future.
  • Stress is a response to a particular situation. Be a positive responder to prevent yourself from stress.
  • Listen to audiobooks while driving or doing something else.
  • Listen to soft music to enhance productivity. It is scientifically proven.
  • Learn to forgive for your peace of mind.
  • Through this thought right out of your window, you can’t learn everything. Anybody can learn anything.
  • When you stand and meet someone, stand firm and open. Chest outward, head high, shoulders back. Act tough, and you will be tough one day.
  • I see the sunrise once a week, listen to soft music, do 100 push-ups, and read a book.
  • Be a little mysterious; keep everybody from knowing everything about you.
  • Master the art of public speaking; this art could be learned.
  • Look out for motivational speakers; listen to them.
  • Go to the gym and push some weights; it will make you physically and mentally challenging.
  • Never argue with your boss; you will lose more than that argument.
  • In a business meeting, wear a dark suit, not a ten suit. It reflects power.
  • Regularly send handwritten notes to your business clients and relatives to strengthen the bond. Writing has some magic in it.
  • For a happy life, there are two rules-balance all your activities and don’t do something extreme.
  • While reading personal development books, applying all lessons to you is optional. Instead, try applying some lessons from a book that suits you. Make it easy.
  • Do not eat 3 hours before sleep.
  • Try to maintain a good reputation; it will help you in the social sphere.
  • Be kind, and create your image as a highly competitive, strong, and positive person.
  • Try to have a conversation with a wise man. These kinds of conversations are priceless.

Part 3: The MegaLiving Program

This program is designed to provide you with all the essential skills needed to transform yourself into a peak performer in the game of life. No matter how successful you are or how finely tuned your mental attitude, body, and character might be, this 30-day program has all the ingredients to take your life to its highest level.

Suppose you use your power to devote at least an hour a day to the program, learning and applying the concepts consistently. In that case, you will undoubtedly notice profound improvements in the quality of your life one month from today.

The program is simple and easy to follow. Each day will have exercises and success tips you must apply. In this part, we will see the program according to our mind, body, and character.

Day 1: Goal-setting workshop

There Mind, Body, and Character

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You have learned in Parts I & II of the mind’s true potential that you can transform your life in a second. Today, make those changes you have put off for so long. List your top five physical goals.

List the top five improvements in your character (your public and private self). Consider their importance and repeat them aloud when you awake and immediately before you sleep for the next 29 days.

2nd Day

Without the ability to concentrate for long periods and focus your thoughts on a single purpose or goal, there can be no real progress and no lasting life achievement. Practice the Burning Candle practice every remaining program a day for at least 15 minutes. Exercise 1: The Burning Candle – Find a tranquil spot at a quiet time.

Light a candle, making sure the room is otherwise dark. Look at the candle for as long as possible and try not to blink. Your concentration will improve each day, and you can focus without distraction for longer.

Start your cardiovascular training today. If you are new to it, walk 15 minutes. You need to rest for 28 days too. If you are fit, do whatever sport you have been doing.

3rd Day

Condition your mind to see the positives in every situation and be grateful. One of the best ways to direct your mind’s focus is to use questions. Ask questions like:-

  1. How can I make today a living masterpiece, and what action must I take?
  2. What do I have to be grateful for?

Nature can have a brilliant effect on an overworked body and mind. So spend some time with Nature. Follow this regime once a week. Recording your daily results, ideas, inspirations, and challenges is essential. There is something magical about writing things down.

4th Day

Autosuggestion must become one of your main tools for personal mastery. Use autosuggestion to achieve your goal. Write down the goal you are determined to achieve. Make sure that the goal is precise and clear.

Read the desired goal aloud as often as possible during the day so that it gets fed into your subconscious mind. Stay confident that it will come true under your present circumstances. Your mind will create opportunities and results.

Give yourself a massage. It will relax and calm your body. Read “How to win friends and influence people” to enhance your social environment.

5th Day

MegaLiving English

The key to success in life is mental concentration practice to concentrate on the present, not the past or the future. Practice it by staring at a single object for some time straight.

An Ancient Technique for Vitality

The ancient Tibetans believed in and followed an ancient technique of chanting mantras daily to enhance concentration skills. Exercise: Repeat “Mimm” for at least five minutes daily. Gradually lower your voice with each repetition until you can do the entire exercise in your lowest voice for the best results.

Showing politeness to everyone you meet will make your character mighty and dramatically improve your relationships. Appreciate people. Remember that no one can insult you without your permission. If anyone is rude, do not stoop to their level but remain graceful and poised. Never raise your voice and be known as a highly self-disciplined, kind, yet firm person.

6th Day

It will help if you become a mental explorer dedicated to learning about the powers of the mind and its incredible abilities. The first step is to have an open mind. Meditation, yoga, focusing, and visualization are critical parts of the peak performance regimens of many of the world’s top athletes.

Sleep Less and Live More – Your body needs only six hours of sleep per night to be in peak condition, yet many people sleep much longer. One of the best strategies to increase productivity is sleeping one hour less per night. One of the primary laws of Nature is that the more you give and serve others, the more you get. Develop the habit of doing things for others, especially those in need.

7th Day

One of the best-kept secrets is that every person has a photographic memory locked deep inside them. The best way to tap your true memory potential is to give direct commands to your subconscious mind once it is in a state of readiness.


You must first become very relaxed. Lie down on your back in a quiet place. Take twenty deep breaths, visualizing any tension leaving your body with each exhale. Repeat for five minutes the following command: “I have a perfect memory; I can remember anything.”

Do this for 21 days. Edison is said to have failed 10,000 times before he finally struck it big with the light bulb. Rather than winning over problems and asking why they always seem to happen to you, start calling problems “challenges” and look forward to them as tests of character and opportunities to learn and grow.

8th Day

You will learn another exercise to toughen your mind, preparing it for super performance. Training: The Two-Minute Mind – All you have to do is to stare at the second hand on your watch for two minutes. Give your full attention to the second hand, and do not let any other thoughts occupy your attention. If you perform the technique thrice a day, after 21 days, you will improve your concentration.

Join a yoga class or do yoga at home from today. It provides benefits like energy, better complexion, and overall muscle tone. Good friendships have been proven to make life more enjoyable and give a longer one. Take today as an opportunity to improve your companies dramatically. Pick five friends with whom you want to become closer and write out their names.

Then write out why you value their friendship. Finally, make a precise action plan to improve the company.

9th Day

Optimism will change your life. And it can be learned. Think deeply about good things in your life and things you are grateful for.

It will lighten up your world. Physically strong people are mentally tough people. Build physical strength. Here are some exercises for today- push-ups, military chest presses, bicep curls, running, squats, and aerobic classes to improve your heart and lungs.

Write for five minutes in your journal all the benefits you have noticed and learned about personal power and your positive qualities over the past eight days.

10th Day

Read something inspiring and valuable every day. The Importance of Good Posture- You will be old if you act old. Why buy into the myth that you must age according to a specific schedule and process? The first step is to act young physically. Improve your posture, ensuring that your back is straight.

It allows you to breathe correctly. Also, take purposeful steps and do not walk like an older adult. Go for travel; it is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. Explore some new places.

11th Day

Every moment you need to guard yourself against negativity.

Exercise- Once you are relaxed, picture the negative self-image and quality. Now make the image in your mind’s eye more straightforward; see it. Now, most importantly, watch the negative self-image explode into a hundred million tiny pieces. See the image shattered!

Now immediately replace the old image with a bright, clear, big one of the quality you desire to have or the way you wish to look. Repeat the process at least 20 times on the first try and then about five times daily for the next 21 days.

Your self-image will dramatically improve with this exceptional exercise. For the last ten days, you have been doing exercise. Now it’s time to increase the time. Increase it by 20 minutes. Make a list of all your worries. Your debt, personal and health problems, etc., now write each problem’s solution before that and try to figure out what I can do today to solve some problems.

12th Day

Set aside 30-40 minute time to focus on your meditation or yoga, or reading, and from now on, follow this regime for 40 minutes daily. Goal Review- Review your physical goals from Day 1. Are you doing something each day to move towards them?

Keep planning your approach, and write inspiring notes to yourself aimed at attaining your goals. Then, watch “It’s a Wonderful World “by Jimmy Stewart. It will lighten up your mood.

13th Day

Pick up a newspaper or magazine. Select any noun like “health” in the health section. Without stopping, write everything that comes to your mind regarding health. After 5 minutes, relax by deep breathing, and move on to your essay. It will sharpen your mind.

List what you have been eating for the last two days. Now see if you eat whole milk, fried, or fatty products. Try to eliminate 25% of those products this week alone. Make a list of all the time wasters. Stop gossiping on the phone and focusing on unimportant things

14th Day

Make a list of the top 10 dreams that you have. List only those things you want to have happen. Now think about what it would feel like if those dreams come true. Take your physical conditioning to a higher level today. Run faster, swim a little longer, or walk up that long hill.

Be the most enthusiastic person you know. Be kind, strong, and serene. Act youthful, live with an air of fun, laugh hard, and laugh often. Go to bed early and wake up before 6 am. Pray. Be humble, save 10% of your monthly income, and give something to charity yearly. Fast once a month. It is very cleansing.

15th Day

Today I practice affirmations Like-“Every day, I get better and better,” “I have everything I want in this world and am grateful,” and “Every day, I get better and better,” and keep doing these kinds of affirmations every day.

Do these four tasks from today for longevity:

  1. Moisturize your face
  2. Try using a Retin cream. It’s an anti-aging cream.
  3. Weight training
  4. A brisk walk every day. Wear a band with an “Enthusiastic band” on it. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

16th Day

Take a vacation to make yourself stress-free – free your mind to refresh. Do some aerobic exercise to lose belly fat. Make a list of people you love. And write a love letter to remind them how much you love them.

17th Day

Start KAIZEN today. Find a skill you want to master and do a little task daily to achieve mastery. Try to energize yourself from today. From today, stop worrying too much, meditate, and take a power nap if you are too tired. Straightforwardly write your journal.

18th Day

Today, after dinner, I listened to soft, soothing music. It will fill your soul. If you think healthy, you will be beneficial—picture a better self to see a change in real life. Every ideal person practices these virtues:

  • Self-mastery in all situations.
  • Self-control of all of the senses.
  • Control in diet and soberness.
  • Self-command of temper and desires.
  • Humility in success, hope in defeat.

19th Day

Work to tap on your creativity. Work toward improving creativity. Keep looking for ideas. Since it’s been 18 days since you have been exercising, you must be feeling changes. Could you write down the benefits of it? It will inspire you to do more.

To become a leader, try to develop the master keys of leaders – believing in your dreams, enthusiasm, courage and supreme persistence, a burning desire to succeed, long-term planning, and calculated risk-taking.

20th Day

Today decide to raise your standard like successful people. Change your attitude, get in the habit of being outstanding, etc. Take a vacation today and practice to enhance your concentration and focus. Spend most of the day with Nature. Brainstorm yourself. Write a success journal tonight. Write down a list of 25 things you want in life and make plans for it.

21st Day

You must develop your mental creativity muscle. Today try something creative, visit an art gallery, or do something else. You have been exercising for the last 20 days. You must be feeling better than before. Just write down five benefits you got from this.

It will encourage you to do more. Become a leader- believe in yourself and your dreams, have courage and enthusiasm, a burning desire to succeed, a long-term planning.

22nd Day

MegaLiving Hindi

You are raising your standard. Today, decide to change your life. Raise the expectations from yourself. Do not accept mediocrity. Change your attitude to be the best. Practice serenity. It will relax your mind. This comes with practice. It will enhance concentration and focus. Practice it for the next nine days.

23rd Day

Do not believe in defeat. Today learn to believe in yourself. Follow your gut with determination and enthusiasm. Go for a walk; it creates calmness and happiness. Today I will try to remember people’s names. Smile often becomes a good listener throughout the day.

24th Day

Imagine yourself in a grocery store and try to remember ten things you need to buy by imagining them. It will strengthen your memory. When you have been exercising for three weeks, you must feel confident, energetic, and healthy.

Today I will go for an even longer workout and maintain it for the remaining days. The MegaLiving program has shown you that how you see events determines your happiness and your success. Today, ask questions yourself in a quiet place. And you will eventually learn to make the best decisions for you.

25th Day

Today use the master blaster technique, go out and do something you always fear to do. Meet people, public speaking, and many more. Today in a quiet moment, imagine yourself in the next 2,10,20 years with this regime. It will strengthen your determination towards physical training.

With the help of this book, you have gained enough knowledge. Now it’s time to build your character. Make a “strong as a rock” character one of your most important goals. Set your goals and values high believe in yourself and your human potential.

26th Day

Words have a significant impact on our lives. What we think and what we say all day becomes our reality. Develop your mental toughness by repeating, “I am tough, I am powerful” repeatedly. Body after working out. Treat yourself to a stress reducer.

Book a professional masseuse or massage yourself. It will make you feel relaxed. Today I read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” for 1 hour. This book will significantly impact you and lead you to personal and financial abundance.

27th Day

From today, start listening to great positive thinkers such as Norman Vincent Peale, and read the books of Emerson and Carnegie. From today try to fast for one day a week.

It will flush out toxins from your body. Learn to be a better listener. For that, try these things. Stop talking too much, visualize being the world’s best listener, and stop interrupting others.

28th Day

This morning, I appreciate the power of silence. Sit in the quietest room of your house for one and a half hours. Focus on the silence; enjoy the peace. You will feel like getting up after a few minutes but show some self-control you gained in the last few days and finish this task. You will feel better.

You have been exercising for the previous 27 days; this is the time to play some sport so you don’t get bored. Some life tips- never discuss private or business matters with people.set aside one night every week to be alone with your spouse. Keep experimenting with new ideas, and avoid making enemies.

29th Day

Happiness does not come from relaxing and doing nothing. Happiness only comes from achieving and knowing that you are improving daily. Raise your standard and be the best.

For example, on day 5, you learned how voice conditioning creates health. Today try humming exercises to make your voice deeper. Run your race. Stop comparing yourself to others. Set goals for yourself and start working towards those. What others say will mean very little to you.

30th Day

Developing powerful concentration skills lets you have the right thoughts come to mind. Today I returned to the 2nd day of the mega living program and practiced burning candle exercises for 25 minutes. It will improve your concentration. What you put in your body affects your mind. Make a list of the food you ate in the last 24 hours.

List out hard-to-digest foods like meat and others. Now replace them with vegetables and fruits. Today, plan your own personal mastery mastermind. Think about the four most positive people you know. Discuss this mastermind concept with them, and brainstorm ideas on secret excellence techniques in these meetings.

MegaLiving Book Review

 “MegaLiving” by Robin Sharma is an inspiring self-help book that offers practical strategies for personal and professional success.

In just 100 pages, Robin shares valuable insights on mastering the mind, setting goals, developing positive habits, and managing time effectively.

The book emphasizes the importance of discipline, gratitude, and continuous learning, guiding readers to unlock their true potential and live extraordinary lives.

With its concise and powerful advice, “MegaLiving” is a motivational toolkit providing readers with actionable steps to enhance their productivity, happiness, and overall well-being. It is a must-read for those seeking self-improvement and a fulfilling life.

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