Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone is a self-help book that guides on how to remain positive in all situations. The authors, through real-world examples, convince us that no matter how hopeless is the situation, there always lies a solution to it. If you want some positivity and a change of mindset, this book is a must-read

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This is the story of Nick Vujicic. Nick was born without arms and legs due to a rare genetic condition. Growing up, he faced many challenges and felt isolated and different from his peers.

He struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide, but with the support of his family and friends, Nick decided to adopt a positive mental attitude and focus on his strengths rather than his weaknesses. Nick started to set goals for himself and worked daily to achieve them.

He learned to use his feet to do everyday tasks like writing, typing, and even sports. He also became a motivational speaker, sharing his story and message of hope and positivity with others worldwide.

Through his positive attitude and hard work, Nick has achieved incredible success in his life. He has traveled to over 65 countries, speaking to millions and inspiring them to overcome their challenges.

He has also written several bestselling books and started his nonprofit organization that helps children with disabilities and their families.


Nick’s story is a testament to the power of a positive mental attitude. He focused on what he could do rather than what he couldn’t, and his positivity has helped him achieve remarkable success in life. His story inspires anyone struggling with their challenges, showing that anything is possible with hard work and a positive mindset.

Similarly, we can face every problem of life with a positive mental attitude. And can achieve massive success.

That is why, today, we will talk about the book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone. The authors explain that your success, health, happiness, and wealth depend on how you think. Because one part of your brain has a positive mental attitude, and the other has a negative one.

A positive attitude is good by nature and attracts others; a negative attitude takes away all the necessities to live a happy life. In this summary, you will learn how to achieve success and live a happy life by adopting Positive Mental Attitude.

So, in this article, we will summarize the book “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” and offer a review to help you determine whether or not it is worth reading.

To understand the book better, we are going to discuss this book in 12 chapters. So let’s get started.

Chapter 1: Adopt a Positive Attitude

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

If you are poor, it is not because of God but because you never developed the desire to become rich and failed to work with commitment for it. Be positive for success. It is essential to have a positive mental attitude; those who aspire to achieve big goals.

So to become successful, first, ask yourself what you want and then try again and again. Be ready because by doing any work repeatedly, you become an expert in it, then your mind starts to feel like doing that work, make big goals, and try to think positively about everything.

Because for those with positive mental attitudes, failure works like success. They do not stop trying even when there is no hope of victory, so they keep on achieving new goals and touch the pinnacle of success.

Chapter 2: Follow Success Principles

The authors say that Positive Mental Attitude is one of the 13 success principles and; adopting it can ultimately improve your lifestyle. The authors tell from their experience how you can become successful by adopting them.

Because many problems will come in your life, if you solve them positively, you will keep moving towards the right path or in the right direction to get what you want.

So those 13 success principles are something like this:

  1. Keep a positive attitude towards everything.
  2. Know about your reason for becoming successful and clear goals.
  3. Be prepared to work hard to do or get something.
  4. Try to think positively about everyone and find the good in them.
  5. Stick with self-discipline.
  6. Have confidence because others will also believe in you when you believe in yourself.
  7. Think and take action the way you want to be.
  8. While controlling your thoughts and feelings, do meditation to use them for your benefit.
  9. Have faith in teamwork; you can do any work well in comparatively less time.
  10. Learn from defeat and move on.
  11. Do your work with creativity in new ways.
  12. Create a budget for your money management and make it a habit to use the time as productively as possible or only for such tasks, which will help you reach your goals.
  13. To maintain good physical and mental health, exercise, learn new things and eat healthy foods.

How you manage problems depends on your point of view (POV), whether you raise your hands after being troubled or look at the situation positively and solve it. Because of this attitude, actions are taken and they determine the results.

Chapter 3: Stop Being Afraid

The mind is like a magnet; it attracts success like a magnet. You can be successful only if you avoid mental nearsightedness because a loose mindset blocks your path to success. Mental nearsightedness means that you are afraid or ignore thinking about the better future you want.

Before doing any work, such people do not plan for it. So they put their energy into any unnecessary work but are unsatisfied with its results. Because of these mental attitudes, people do not see the opportunities that come in daily life which they get. Instead of helping them achieve desirable results, they focus on the obstacles.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book

What you think, you start becoming that only. It largely depends on your thinking whether you will become successful or happy or not. So take a look at your thoughts to see how you think.

For example:

  • You focus primarily on the good news or the bad.
  • You mostly think of that thought that will help you be happy and succeed or vice versa.

Your mind is as essential as the body. The mind has two parts – conscious and subconscious. And they work together. About whatever we do, our conscious mind sends auto-suggestions to the subconscious mind about whether it is right to do it or not. And the subconscious mind accepts it without answering the question. Then it automatically starts doing the right thing again and again.

Due to this, we become used to doing something. In this way, when you repeatedly talk to yourself about getting what you want daily, the subconscious mind accepts it and starts attracting the things necessary to achieve it. So speak to yourself mostly about positivity, good health, and success.

With this, you can overcome negativity and become a positive person. Just as a negative thing affects us, in the same way, positive things affect us.

Chapter 4: Set Big Goals

A positive Mental Attitude leads you to success, so make your big goals with determination and motivation. Instead of blaming others for what you don’t have, please take responsibility for changing it.

Write down your goals, and also write down the deadline. The bigger your destination, the harder you will work to achieve it and the more your chances of achieving it. So next, divide your big goals into small goals, which can be completed in the next week or month, and thus, performing them one by one, reach your big goal.

If there is any problem in your life, it is a good thing because the solution to your problem is a step towards your victory. Solving every minor issue and moving forward increases knowledge and experience; both are among the most essential tools for success.

Try to see positive things in every area of life because when you have a Positive Mental Attitude, then you will be able to solve family problems and problems in your professional life easier.

For this, the authors suggest some methods, adopt these:

  • Understand the problem, and take possible actions for a solution. Be it small or big. And follow your inner voice or divine guidance and ask God for help.
  • Ask yourself questions, and try to find answers to them.
  • Try to see the good and beneficial aspects related to it.
  • Never give up, but keep taking some actions continuously. This will either solve that problem, or you will create a new path.
  • Have faith in yourself because sometimes success is not achieved on the first attempt or takes more time, but consistency is achieved.
  • Have faith in yourself and God.
  • Whoever has made goals works hard for them with hope. One day you will achieve the goals; never give up hope.

Seeing new things is a learning process through which your mind becomes active, you explore new things more than before, and you learn new things. So be ready to learn new things as soon as you can.

Chapter 5: Keep Motivating Yourself

One must first motivate oneself to stay positive and move forward with this mental attitude. Motivation is that which balances your choices; with this, you can make progress towards success.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude  Summary

So try to stay motivated towards your goal. To motivate yourself, make a list of all the things that you want to achieve, then write why you want to achieve them and by what time and then change your old habits and take every necessary action for that. Be ready to adopt new practices.

There are many ways to be motivated:

  1. Don’t leave any work for tomorrow.
  2. Having a love for everyone will make you feel happy from inside.
  3. Remove the feeling of fear from within by paying more attention to your abilities.
  4. Whether it is a boy or a girl, do not discriminate against anyone.
  5. Do the work you want to do with your mind; by this, your body will also be active in doing that work.
  6. Don’t get angry for any reason.
  7. If others are more successful than you, then be happy with their success; give them blessings.
  8. Have materialistic goals like a car, home, and mobile and make sure to make goals to get a good lifestyle.

We all consider someone our ideal, like whom we want to be, want to look like them and want to be successful people like them. Just as you motivate yourself by looking at your ideal, listening to their words. So that you can also encourage other people.

For this, change your behavior and start behaving like your ideal person. And one of the most important things is to have faith in yourself and act maturely. Along with this, follow these methods to inspire others:

  • Start writing anything good in your daily routine.
  • Inspire others, talk to them well, and be happy.
  • Tell others how they can become what they want to be.
  • You can inspire others only when you read inspirational books and ask others to do the same. You can read such books on our website.
  • Stay motivated and work with enthusiasm because energy spreads. So being motivated will help others to get inspired when they come to you.

Chapter 6: Wishing For Wealth Is The Work Of Planning, There Is No Shortcut

Many people want to become rich as soon as possible. When they see rich people around them, they want to be rich overnight. But this does not happen; no person becomes rich overnight.

Planning hard work is the only way to achieve big or small success. If you accomplish a goal in less time by planning, some people will call it a shortcut, but it becomes possible because of planning. Similarly, do extensive planning for big goals, divide them into small parts, implement them, and make necessary arrangements so that you can easily do success-oriented planning.

When we expect bad, evil happens. When you think good, it happens to you. Many people always think negatively.

If we talk to them about business, they say business gets drowned. They have a habit of seeing negativity in everything. That’s why such people get what they think – failure.

So if you have such a habit, then immediately change this habit, and from now on, always hope for the best in everything.

For this, the authors have given a formula of 4 words: Faith, Power, Works, and Wonders. When you have faith, natural power will work to attract the things towards you, and that things will start getting attracted giving you amazing experience.

Never give up

Having lost a couple of times, some people believe they will never succeed, and that defeat is their fate. Don’t keep thinking like this. Instead, learn something from every failure. and try again. Use this principle also to achieve success in the goals of life. Make a nice strategy, acquire knowledge, and then start trying.

Worrying is very harmful to health

Worrying can lead to various diseases. Anxiety gives rise to depression. So put it away, and learn to be calm about it.

Make a habit of relaxing. Daily pray to God with faith, meditate and try to spend most of the time listening, doing positive things, and spending time with such people.

Do your work on time, and think with confidence and hope in every situation. How can I solve this problem, or how can I achieve the thing I want?

Chapter 7: How to Find Satisfaction in Your Job

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude English

The authors say that we all have some talent; and we must find it. If you are tired of doing one thing and start feeling powerless, then stop, relax, and think.

Why is this? So often you will answer this question yourself. Then, because you are unsatisfied with that job, try to do the work you choose to increase your chances of being satisfied most of the time.

You ignore all the doubtful thoughts in your brain and make your goals clear using the process of creativity. Because when you set a goal, you will work harder to achieve it, and the more you set your destination, the higher your chances of achievement will be, and you will feel more satisfied after attaining it.

To be successful in anything, it is necessary to know the rules and understand how to implement them. For example, learn and implement these methods:

  • When you set a goal, keep it clear.
  • Know and understand the rules and implement them.
  • After setting your goal, keep trying until you achieve it.
  • Today is going to be a perfect day. Thinking like this, start every day with happiness and focus more on good things throughout the day.

Chapter 8: Your Passion

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are. First, you must have a great passion to do something. Then, you should share the experience related to your life with others.

By this, you can help others. You do not need to be rich or powerful. Just your mind should be ready to help others. So if someone comes to you with a problem, you should help him.

You must have often heard people saying – I don’t mind; what does someone think about me. I don’t care. Or, I don’t give a damn. But they are lying.

Everyone wants others to like them. And praise them. Or those people say, “What is that person’s problem to me”. Change this thinking.

Always share a part of what you have with the needy and increase your wealth manifold. The more you share, the more you will have. So share what is good and what is not worth sharing; you should also leave what is bad. And follow these ways to live with peace:

  • Help other people.
  • Always keep a smile on your face.
  • Be nice to others.
  • Make a habit of relaxing.

Many people think that money is the root of all evil. Or, people commit crimes due to lack of money, but money is an energy that will give results. The difference between the two is only a little, and that slight difference is your attitude, positive or negative. That’s why adopting a positive attitude about money is always recommended.

Chapter 9: Raise Your Energy Level

There are two types of attitude, positive mental attitude and negative mental attitude. Similarly, there are two types of energy: physical and mental. Your body works on these two energies. Therefore, whatever you think about yourself, it has a lot of effect on your body.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Hindi

For example, if you think you’re too tired, your body will accept it. Energy is generated in you by filling faith in your mind. The most prosperous people in the world are, in some form or the other, in contact with the positive energy inside them, which gives them the power to succeed. Successful people keep themselves emotionally and mentally organized.

No matter what age or situation, we can’t stop our energy. Because life means the power of life and ENERGY, we can get our desirable results from it just by directing it in the direction according to us.

Follow these methods to increase your energy levels:

  • Keep yourself connected with nature.
  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Read any spiritual book daily.
  • Do not spend your energy on negative thoughts. Think and feel positive.
  • Always believe in God.
  • Always make and achieve small goals to achieve your goals.
  • Start doing the work in which you are most interested.

Chapter 10: Enjoy Your Good Health

Your health is one of your most valuable assets. But you are busy with many things in your daily life, and because of this, many people struggle for good health.

Positive thinking, good food, and exercise are critical to achieving good health. Positive mental thinking affects your health. It attracts good health to you. But, on the other hand, the same negative mental attitude attracts poor health.

Good thoughts, positive and happy thoughts, improve the way you think and feel. What affects your mind affects your body too. Therefore, start reading books such as Biography, The Secret, etc., for this. Such books will inspire and teach you how to motivate yourself to think positively.

Chapter 11: Can You Attract Happiness?

If you are asked whether you are happy or not? So you would answer that you yourself decide whether I’m happy or not. But you can create your happiness for yourself. It is very easy to be happy, but if you keep listening to the negative things around you, then you become irritated or negative.

The lousy environment around us only makes us sad, but some things are positive, so you need to change your attitude. Instead of being unhappy in the surrounding environment, you can be happy by finding hope and happiness in them. If you are happy, your family and people will feel satisfied after seeing you.

If you are looking for a way to happiness, then always adopt good thoughts in your life. You can be happy by doing little happy work in your daily routine like helping someone. And with this, write a good thought in your diary every day and try to work on it throughout the day and feel happy about it. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude emphasizes more on this.

Apart from this, follow these steps for your happiness:

  • If you wake up in the morning, stand in front of the mirror and say that I am the happiest person in the world.
  • Get up in the morning, list your whole day’s work, and complete them.
  • You keep encouraging yourself throughout the day.
  • To be happy always, put your energy into making someone else happy.
  • Help others; you will get happiness by doing this.
  • Spend time with your family and friends, walk, or watch a movie.

Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we make a mistake. But after doing it, we keep cursing ourselves repeatedly so that we can repent it. But it is rarely seen or heard that self-guilt gives good results. So end this habit, accept it when you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

To get rid of this, adopt these methods:

  • Do not do wrong things under any circumstances.
  • Never lie.
  • If you have made a mistake, admit it.
  • Learn from the mistake and move on.
  • Don’t repeat the mistake.
  • Always try to be nice to yourself and others.
  • Anything that stops you from becoming great in life should be put aside.

Chapter 12: Analyze Your Success

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

The desire to learn is in the one who wants to learn. And to know you must pay a price, you must spend time learning and “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” affirms this.

So keep learning continuously, this will keep thinking about learning and moving that thing in your mind most of the time, and automatically, you will think positively.

Apart from this, follow these methods to analyze your success:

  • Do hard work for your goal.
  • Ask yourself what you have and have not done to be successful.
  • Set a time to achieve the goal.
  • Learn to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Work for yourself.

So, friends, we learned how to stay positive in every situation. I hope you learned many important things about staying positive. Now adopt them in your life and start being more positive in life.

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Book Review

I recently read this book titled “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” and I must say it was an incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking read. The authors, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, share their insights on how a positive mental attitude can lead to success in all aspects of life.

What I appreciated most about this book was the practical advice and actionable steps provided to cultivate a positive mindset. The authors also share real-life success stories of individuals who have applied these principles and achieved great success.

Overall, “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their mindset and achieve their goals. It’s a timeless classic that is just as relevant today as it was when it was first published. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

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