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Brahmacharya is a word that is very common in India. Until I had read about it in detail, I knew a lot which is not valid. Like celibacy means only semen retention. One who wants to become a sage should follow this. If you have lived your life, become a sannyasi or observe celibacy 

Children cannot follow celibacy. Married people cannot follow celibacy. But none of this is true. And since I’ve known it, I’ve been on my way to a better life, along with my work. I can see a change in every area of life. So today, we will learn about this in detail and see how we can follow our life by celibacy; how can we completely change our life?

What is Brahmacharya?

We have heard that Lord Hanuman ji, Adi Shankaracharya ji, and many more people did extraordinary things by following celibacy. For them, Brahmacharya means putting it in the right place instead of just wasting their energy.


Brahmacharya comprises two words:- Brahma and Charya, which means to spend life gaining knowledge. Brahmacharya is one of the foundation pillars of yoga. Brahmacharya means to live a simple life, protecting one’s sperm through good thoughts, means don’t waste the wrong place, meditating on God, and learning. By following celibacy, people have to acquire knowledge for the coming life.

Extraordinary knowledge can be obtained from celibacy – it is so effective that all ages from the Vedic period to the present time have asked to adopt it. Brahmacharya is as important in our life as breathing is necessary. For thousands of years before today, our Sage monks have been doing the tenacity of celibacy – because by following celibacy, we can get all the happiness in this world. People who follow celibacy are called brahmacharis.

Ayurveda states that Brahmacharya is one of the three pillars of the body. In Ayurveda, there are three pillars of the body: diet, sleep, and celibacy. A person surrounded by many diseases or facing many troubles in life can get away from every illness and situation by following Brahmacharya. According to the Vedas, a person who can control his sexual desires can practice celibacy in the true sense. Those who die suddenly do not get salvation. To avoid such death, it is necessary to observe celibacy.

1. It is said in Rigveda that no person can live his whole life without following celibacy.

2. It is said in Patanjali that by following celibacy, one gain willpower.

Benefits of Brahmacharya 

Brahmacharya Summary

If you want to keep your mind, voice, and intellect pure, you must follow Brahmacharya. Ayurveda also says that if you follow celibacy for a full three months, you will feel a change in the power of your mind, voice, and intellect to achieve the biggest goal of life, to have celibacy in life. It is essential. Along with this, the following celibacy gives us these benefits:

● By following celibacy, you can keep your mind under your control.

● By observing Brahmacharya, there is no disease in the body.

● Following celibacy, morale increases.

● By following celibacy, the power to fight diseases increases.

● Brahmacharya increases concentration, and you can quickly learn anything.

● A person who observes celibacy can accomplish any task.

● A celibate person can face every situation by remaining stable.

● By following celibacy, it is entirely pure it becomes.

How to practice Brahmacharya 

As ‘Brahmacharya’ means ‘thinking as Brahman.’ This means that one who meditates on his Lord every moment is entirely celibate. It would help if you had the strength of your body, senses, mind, and intellect to practice ‘celibacy’.

Brahmacharya Habit

Brahmacharya in all three ways, by putting your full attention on God, by learning more & more, and by protecting your sperm. By keeping your sperm away from all kinds of things and desires, you can observe a fast of celibacy. Those who follow ‘celibacy’ should not do any work, have relationships or take any such substances that harm their sperm. ‘Brahmacharya’ people should avoid tea, coffee, tobacco, liquor, etc. Overall, celibacy can be followed by keeping one’s sperm safe and concentrating fully on God.

If you do celibacy with all the rules and the correct method, you can start getting the benefits of celibacy by following celibacy only for 30 days. And if you follow celibacy for one year, then your self-confidence can become strong, and along with it, your health can also be better than before.

What should be avoided in celibacy?

There are many such things from which people who follow celibacy should stay away. Like: Movies – Often, such things are shown in movies, in which the mind is attracted to the wrong things. The reason should be kept from being seen and read. Its impact causes a lot of damage to health and character.

According to celibacy, boys and girls should not touch each other. Often boys make dirty signals, laugh, and talk with other boys; by doing this, they become impure, so boys should avoid doing this very much. Boys and girls should never look at anyone with bad intentions, talk like porn, and not even joke because it causes diseases of the mind. Overall, the more you can control your desires and the more distance you can make from the opposite gender, the better you can follow celibacy. This means that your thoughts are critical for everyone to be pure. And for whatever reason you have bad feelings, get away from them as soon as possible.

Importance of celibacy in the life of students

Brahmacharya English

For the students, their knowledge is equal to Brahma, which means that the work of the students is only to increase their knowledge. Along with thinking about Brahma, students must acquire their expertise by paying full attention. Following celibacy, his intellect becomes sharp, his memory power is strengthened, and there is a glow on his face. Vivekananda himself has said that by following celibacy for only 12 years, the most fantastic ability is achieved.

To follow Brahmacharya, you have to take care of your age, which means any person should follow Brahmacharya till the age of 25 years. Brahmacharya means accumulating energy. That is why the importance of celibacy has been told in the Vedas. Brahmacharya can be followed for the first 25 years of life.

It has been said in the Puranas that a correct and complete understanding of celibacy leads a person to ultimate salvation. That is, while following celibacy, it has been said to stay away from any sex. If you start wasting your power before the age of 25, then your persona still needs to be fully developed.

This can cause many diseases in the body. According to medical science, the development of semen and blood cells occurs very rapidly in the body up to the age of 25; at that time, if it is accumulated in the body, then it makes the body very healthy. And it keeps our body strong which does not cause weakness. Therefore, by following celibacy until the age of 25, one should abstain from all sexual activities. 

But if you are beyond this age, you can still follow celibacy. But, of course, you have to follow all its rules.

To follow Brahmacharya, you must have a feeling; for that, you should ask your God for the power to follow Brahmacharya from the mind-word-body. Then, instead of controlling the mind, find why the mind gets stuck in some trouble and immediately remove that thing from itself. 

Analyze the advantages of following celibacy and the disadvantages of your subject disorder. “When you recognize the damage caused by your disorder, then you” can begin to become celibate, whatever condition thoughts and desires arise in front of you from the mind, voice, and body, remorse them for all of them. It is essential to do this to move forward toward celibacy.

For married people, it is necessary to have the approval of each other – with the license, both people can take a vow of celibacy. Or you can start being loyal to each other; doing so is like following celibacy in today’s time.

Brahmacharya Hindi

If you want to follow celibacy after marriage, start keeping a friendly relationship with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you have a child; still, be like friends. You can follow celibacy by keeping your distance from your partner. For this, start sleeping separately from them and stop looking at each other from that point of view.

You can get the soul’s happiness after marriage by taking celibacy fast. Your mind and body are without the disease. And if you meditate on your God with a sincere heart, you can easily follow celibacy.

Rules of Brahmacharya 

1. Brahmacharya is based more on the mind than on the body. So keep the mind under control and keep high ideals in front of you.

2. Eyes and ears are the ministers. So avoid seeing dirty pictures and ugly things and hearing dirty things.

3. The mind always needs something or the other. When you leave the reason empty, dirty thoughts can come. So always keep meditating on God.

4. as you eat mind will remain the same; therefore, do not eat hot spices, chutneys, hot food and meat, fish, eggs, tea, coffee, fast food, etc.

5. Eat dinner at least two hours before sleeping.

6. Milk is also a kind of food. So keep a gap of three hours between food and milk.

7. clothes fall on the mind. So plain, clean and cotton clothes. It is even better if you wear Khadi clothes. Do not wear synthetic clothes. Khadi, cotton and woolen garments protect life, and artificial, and other types of clothes cause harm to life.

8. Never sleep straight, with the spine’s support; always sleep on the side. If you sleep on a cot, then that cot should be strong.

9. Get up early in the morning. Never sleep in the morning. 

10. Stay away from all (intoxicating) things like pan masala, gutkha, cigarettes, alcohol, charas, opium, cannabis, etc.

11. Eat sticky things like okra, cascades, etc. 

12. Every day before sleeping at night, pour cold water on the stomach; its digestion will be beneficial for

13. Save yourself from indigestion and gas.

14. Stay away from scents, lavender, and perfumes. Do not read books that provoke the senses, nor watch such movies and dramas.

15. If you are married, sleep in a separate bed 

16. Do Exercises, Asanas, and Pranayama every morning and evening.

From this topic, we learned about celibacy. By following Brahmacharya, you can get happiness by removing all your diseases. By following celibacy, you get salvation in the end, and you can make your whole life meaningful. For this, keep your dirty thoughts away, always meditate on your God . and achieve the greatness of your life 

Thank You.

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