Mental Diets

Mental Diets

Mental Diets by Neville Goddard gives us many varieties of food for the brain. The mindset is the ultimate driver of all successes and this is what the author is trying to deliver. The author stresses on the Law of Attraction tenets and how mental images design our external world. Read now and feed on these diets for a strong mindset.

Today we will talk about the “Mental Diets” book by Neville Goddard. In this book, author Goddard explains the mental regimen necessary for developing a strong mindset. A mental diet means constant monitoring and observation of your thoughts.


The central part of a mental diet is to immediately replace any negative thought with a positive and energetic thought that will bring you joy and lead you towards your goal. A mental diet is an excellent tool for manifestation.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract in your life what you focus on, and the mental diet is a tool that helps you focus on thoughts that are helpful in your manifestation journey.

Neville Goddard (Born February 15, 1905, in Barbados) was known as one of the most influential teachers in the New Thought movement for many years. He gave hundreds of lectures throughout the United States and even had his TV show in Los Angeles in the ’50s! His philosophy states that we create our reality through our thoughts or the human imagination.

As we all know, talking is essential to stay connected with human beings. In this way, we can talk in two ways: with the inner world, ourselves, and the outer world. And most of our life situations, happiness, success, failure, sadness, etc., are driven by our inner dialogue.

You must have noticed that when you talk to yourself positively about a goal or circumstances, you feel much happier and more positive, and you are also able to achieve your goal by improving the circumstances for the maximum time. But the problem is that most people need to learn how to talk to themselves to strengthen their minds to achieve their desired thing.

So in this book, the author answers us about this kind of Mental Diet and the Law of Attraction. The author, Neville, explains that a mental diet is an essential tool for your manifestation.

As we all know, the Law of Attraction is a statement that the thing we focus on the most, we use to attract in our life. Be it happiness, sadness, success, or failure.

And in that case, the Mental Diet is an essential tool that inspires and helps you to focus on those positive thoughts which are very important for your Manifestation Journey.

Let’s know about using Mental Diet with the law of attraction easily.

Law of Attraction

Mental Diets by Neville Goddard

Suppose you want to get a new job. With the Law of Attraction, it is important to think positively and be happy and mainly focus on those thoughts so that you can get the desired job as soon as possible. If you do this, a mental diet will significantly help you.

By doing this, you will feel that by thinking positively and happy about your job, you are automatically removing those negative and limiting thoughts from your mind that were preventing you from using it. And at the same time, you start feeling very positive, happy, and confident about your job.

Is there any distance in your relationship with your partner, or if love is decreasing? So by using it, you can increase love and companionship between each other. To do this, rehearse good, happy, and joyous moments with your partner and think more and more about their positivity.

By thinking like this, you will see that the negative thoughts about them seem to be automatically removed from your mind, and positive and happy thoughts are converted to yours, by which you can strengthen the relationship and love of both of you.

Thus, these techniques you can use in other fields and areas to achieve your desired result. All we need is to think positively and happy about the desired goal and take necessary action in your view for taking help from the law of attraction.

Combining the Law of Attraction and Mental Diet is a kickass recipe for manifestation. And it would help if you tried it once to check the look, feel and achieve your desired result.

How to do a Mental Diet

We need to have a solid reason to have a mental diet. Do you want to be positive or happy, or do you want to do a Mental Diet to achieve a particular goal? If you want to be more positive and happy, you can do so by following the steps:

  • Do meditation

Do meditation daily for at least 10 minutes. It will help you in awareness and solution of what is going on in your head or mind and what thoughts are going on. And when you know those, replace those thoughts with your desirable thoughts. It will be easy for you.

  • By Monitoring the thoughts and inner conversations

The kind of thoughts that are going through your mind daily and the conversations you are having with yourself, we should consciously focus and monitor whether those thoughts and inner conversations are desirable or not. If thoughts and conversations are desirable, keep them; if not, change to use your desirable thoughts and conversations.

  • Change as you wish

Mindfully monitor thoughts, inner conversations, and interactions with others, and maximize your desirable positive, happy, and goal-oriented thoughts and conversations.

Now if you want to do a mental diet to manifest any goal, then you should follow four steps:

  • Congratulations

If you want to get a desirable job, then use a mental diet to make it easier for yourself; feel that you have got that job quickly, and after that, your close ones congratulate you. Everyone is so happy.

  • Affirm your success

Talk to yourself about your good conversation and positive result with the interviewer in the job interview. Tell yourself something like “I’m going to get the job” or “I’m going to crack the interview”.

  • Imagine conversation and success

Imagine you communicate very well with the interviewer in the interview room while confidently answering everyone, closing the job in your favor. You got the job. And after getting the job, you are pretty happy, and your close ones are also happy.

  • Practice until you feel the reality

Practice as much to achieve the job, talk positively, talk happiness, imagination, congratulations, etc., as you achieve your goal. And yes, it is beneficial.

Mental Diets

The author says that the inner conversation of a person plays a vital role in attracting his life; if your inner conversation is the same, then the circumstances of your life will also be the same. If you want to improve your outdoor lifestyle, the first step is to improve the conversation within.

Importance of Mental Diet

Knowing about the importance and uses of a mental diet may raise the question: Does this happen? Can it attract our positivity, happiness, and desirable things?

To answer this question, let us see examples of those who use a mental diet and have felt a lot of changes in their life.

It was 1955 when writer Neville Goddard came across a lady who was very disappointed with her employer. The lady thought that her employer did not value her and did not respect her. And that’s why the lady started getting demotivated towards her job, and her boss was less interested than before. The woman writer came to Goddard for tips on solving her problem.

First, the author asked the lady what she thought of her employer, and as people usually do, she said disappointed. So Neville Goddard advised the lady to think about her employer for a few days with only positive and happy thoughts in her mind.

That lady practiced this exercise and felt unhonoured that now finding her a good boss, and she is also very interested in her job. Her employer was now more patient, understanding, and respectable in his eyes, and the lady’s job was starting to look better. So did their job conditions change from negativity to positivity? It changed to become the desirable circumstances.

And in this way, we saw how our inner world drives our outer world.

Suppose someone wants to achieve their external circumstances, external happiness, external positivity, external goals, etc. In that case, the first step is to focus on their internal conversations and thoughts and change them to desirable positive, happy, and goal-oriented ones. All these achievements in the outer world seemed easy to do.

Benefits of Mental Diet

So many benefits that prove the Mental Diet to be robust and effective. Let us discuss some of them.

  • The first benefit is self-awareness

Self-awareness benefits our thoughts, soul, body, and circumstance. We can attract desirable, positive, and pleasant thoughts towards us by being mindful of our thoughts. By doing this, we have the power to keep our minds calm and our soul to get happy.

And as we discussed earlier, when our inner world remains happy, positive, and peaceful, similarly in the outer world, we find happiness, success, and positivity, and it becomes easy to live with it.

  • It has made your mood better

You have felt that when you make positive happy talking to yourself, you feel better. On the other hand, if you think negatively, are disappointed, or do something wrong with someone, there is inner dissatisfaction and more internal fighting feeling.

Therefore, if we are talking positively and happy to ourselves, our circumstances, and the people around us, show positive things related to our goal. So this exercise will help in staying in a good mood.

  • Increase your inner positive vibrations

Inner positive vibrations are the power that the more we use, the more positivity, happiness, and desirable things we attract. And remove the negative, frustrating, limiting things that seem to happen automatically.

You have felt that when you do your most obsessive or joyous work, you feel so optimistic that positive thoughts automatically come into your mind, and negative ones get removed from yourself. Your focus is on doing positive work, success, and happiness.

  • This Mental Diet will help you get away from Monkey Mind

Monkey mind means disturbed mind—those who face problems focusing on one thing. Instead of focusing on one thing till a particular time, their mind wanders here and there in borrowed things.

In such a situation, we can also be concerned for some time due to not focusing on our positive, happiness, success, and desirable things. But if you practice a mental diet, you can remove your monkey mind and replace it with a laser focus.

  • Mental Diet also helps you to become more mindful

Mindfulness means an active mind. An active mind is a mind that carefully observes and analyzes a situation to make better decisions about doing better things.

And as we all know that decisions decide our lives. If we make better decisions with mindfulness and an active mind, we can play a vital role in improving our lives.

  • With the help of a Mental Diet, you can manifest anything

Manifestation means to make your desirable goals easy. And in such a situation, a mental diet helps in taking better action and thinking positively with a focus towards our desired goal. Let’s make our desired goal as easy as possible.

Whether it is to get a job, wish for more money, be happy, be the happy one with your life partner, be successful in your business, or have any goal.

  • Mental Diet also helps in reducing illnesses like depression

You have probably also noticed that depression is caused by taking more stress. And the Mental Diet works precisely as medicine here, focusing on Positive Thinking and Happiness. So by focusing on positive, joyful, and desirable things through a mental diet to have positive, happy conversations within thinking about them, one can easily overcome an illness like depression.

Mental Diets Book

In such a way, different aspects of a mental diet can be beneficial in achieving the results we want, but the condition is that we use it correctly.

You can also use a mental diet for Money Manifesting by following these steps:

  1. Clean Your Poverty Mind. First, to make more money, it is necessary to clear the poverty mindset. Poverty mind means such thoughts that push you to live and stay poor. Change your mind to become rich, keep the idea of ​​staying rich, and use such words more in inner conversations. That’s “I’m gonna be rich”, “I gonna be rich,” and things like that.
  2. Affirm Rich, talk to yourself about becoming rich, think about becoming rich, and talk to yourself like, “More money will solve life’s problems”, “I can live a perfect lifestyle with more money”, or “I have the skill to help people with more money”, “Money is a perfect thing”, “I should earn more money” and talk like this positive thing about money.
  3. Imagine Money Manifesting every day for at least 10 minutes of money manifesting – how much money you want to wish for, how you are working to make more money, how you are happy and close, and your family is so happy. By doing this, you can attract more money mentally and intellectually.
  4. Think and feel rich, come out from lack of money, think about earning more money and keep working, think how you have been happier while earning more money, fulfilling your family’s needs and desires. How are you helping people? To earn more money, think about this positive and happy thinking money because, according to the Law of Attraction, you will be able to attract more and more money to your side. So pur maximum time to think and feel to become more affluent.
  5. Take necessary action for Money Manifesting, see and analyze according to your point-of-view what kind of ideas you should think, what to talk to yourself, and what action to take to earn more money and to become rich are needed. Decide necessary actions, thoughts, and internal conversation topics. And start taking action as much and as quickly as possible so that you can attract money to your side and more money for work. And remember that in starting, it may seem a bit challenging, but after a few days of practice, it will start to become simple for you.
  6. Congratulations game playing – Congratulation game means congratulating for your success. For this, talk about your success with a close friend, family member, or partner, how much money you will make after some time, and how your lifestyle will be better. And so on, talk about your close friends’ goals and how they will be happy to achieve them. And both congratulate each other on achieving your goals. By doing this, according to the law of attraction, you can easily attract your desirable thing and its associated positive and happy thoughts and situations towards you.
  7. Replay as many conversations as possible, thinking of making more money, conversations with a close friend or family friend, or with some unknown person in the outside world; keep this type of conversation as much as possible in your mind. You are repeatedly thinking and feeling it. Practice it before going to the office in the morning, or you can do it on the way to the office in your mind or before going to sleep in the evening, at lunch for 2-3 minutes, or during the day when you are free.
  8. Relax and think that money comes to you. Once you decide on the target and the action, think about the target and take the necessary action. By doing this, you will see that inner negativity and problems are automatically replaced by positive and happy thoughts, and you are moving towards your desirable money goal by taking necessary action. If you keep performing well mentally, internally, and in the actual action phase, chances are you will achieve your desired financial goal on or before the due date.


Let us now practically know what kind of affirmations should be done to attract positivity, happiness, and success.

Mental Diets Summary

Use these affirmations to get out from negative thinking:

  • I am happy, healthy, and successful
  • My life is getting better every day
  • My every step takes me towards infinite success and fulfillment
  • I am a symbol of beauty and talent
  • Good luck is always on my side.
  • I am unstoppable
  • I am the champion
  • I am going to achieve everything I want, like other people have achieved everything I want
  • I always keep my mind calm and understanding
  • I am a powerful creator. That’s why I have the skills to create a beautiful life
Mental Diets English

Use these affirmations for Financial Freedom:

  • I am a money magnet
  • I want to earn my desired income
  • My income is going to be more than my expensive
  • I’m naturally attracted to Fortune company
  • I’m going to learn to be rich
  • I am going to become financially free by doing every necessary work.
  • I can see my financial status without fear.
  • Money is a tool I can use to make a better lifestyle.
  • I am going to use the money to create a better lifestyle.
  • I am not concerned with my financial situation as I have the plan to make it better and more desirable
  • I can expand the opportunities in my life
  • I leave negative thoughts from my life. Because those play no role in achieving desired financial goals.
  • I am a competent person who can tackle money simply
  • I am not poor; instead, walking on the path of Wealth Creation

Affirmations to come out of a stressful situation:

  • I am relaxed and calm
  • I’m getting away from stress
  • I am getting away from all my troubles and tensions
  • Being calm and soul centric is my priority in life
  • I am practicing Positive and Happy Feelings

Goal Oriented Affirmations

  • I have a fire inside me to chase my goal
  • I am going to take every necessary action to achieve my goal
  • Nature supports me in achieving all my goals
  • I am confident and relaxed in my business.
  • I am focused on my goal
  • I have the laser focus and clarity to achieve my goals.
  • I am focused and consistent
  • I have endless enthusiasm and confidence
  • Everyday brings Success for Me.

Friends, these are some steps and tips about mental conditioning which you can use to stay positive and happy and achieve your desired goals. I hope you have learned many valuable things. Now apply them in your life and live your desired lifestyle.

Mental Diets Book Review

“Mental Diets” is a transformative self-help book that offers practical techniques for cultivating a positive mindset and improving mental well-being.

With clear and concise language, the author provides valuable insights into the power of thoughts and how they shape our lives.

The book guides readers through a variety of exercises and strategies to develop healthier thinking patterns and overcome negativity. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, mindfulness, and gratitude in maintaining a balanced mental diet.

Overall, “Mental Diets” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their mental resilience and lead a more fulfilling life.

Thank You.

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