The Secret to Love Health and Money by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret to Love, Health, and Money

The Secret to Love Health and Money by Rhonda Byrne is your passport to the world of the Law of Attraction. The book gives you all the keys to unlock your dream future of love, health and money. Just read and execute to create the life just as you like it and experience the phenomenon of this miraculous Universe.

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The Law of attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you’re going to attract more into your life.” – Jack Canfield.

Have you ever heard about The Secret Book, the same book that has helped millions of people easily understand the concept of the Law of Attraction? After that, the lives of countless people around the world changed. Many celebrities, athletes, and famous people talked about it.


Yes, today we are going to talk about the latest book of The Secret series, The Secret to Love, Health, and Money, written by Rhonda Byrne. So, whether you’re a big fan of the Secret books or just starting to explore the idea of using your thoughts to change your life, this summary is for you! This summary is for you if you want more love, better health, and more money.

To see if imagination works, a woman wrote a letter to her future husband, the kind of husband she wanted, thanking him for treating her so well. She was thankful for all his unique qualities, his kindness and humour, and for their shared interests, such as classical music, travel, art, and reading. They wrote about a romantic date they spent together.

She had not even met that man when she wrote the letter, yet imagining it significantly changed their lives. You will be surprised to know that she met her ideal partner after some time, and he turned out to be exactly as she had written in her letter. And he took her to precisely the place she had imagined and written about.

This means that everything you can imagine is waiting for you. It is made completely invisible. The way to make it visible is by visualizing the Law of attraction in your mind, realizing that you already have what you want right now. This book will discuss how you can attract love, health, and money in every aspect of life, like that woman. The secret you can use to make your life healthy, loving, and abundant. The mystery of the Law of attraction is used in the book.

Additionally, the book has told some robust processes that will help you get the desired result. By harnessing these robust processes, you will feel the changes in your life, like relationships, health, finances, personal goals, dreams, and happiness.

Which will bring better change in your life, so let’s know about this secret. And based on our personal experience, in the end, we have also given a clear roadmap, following which you can attract everything in your life. Hence, it is necessary to read the summary till the end.

So let’s get started.

Chapter 1. The Secret To Love

“You are a magnet for love. When you radiate love, you attract more love into your life.” – Louise Hay.

Oprah Winfrey has spoken openly about how she used the Law of attraction to manifest her relationship with Stedman Graham. In an interview with The Secret, Oprah said that she had a clear vision of the kind of man she wanted to be with: someone who was kind, intelligent, supportive, and who would love her unconditionally.

She also created a vision board with images and words representing her ideal relationship. Oprah then started to focus on positive thoughts and emotions about love. She affirmed that she was worthy of love and would find her perfect match. She also visualized herself in a happy and loving relationship. Within a few months, Oprah met Stedman Graham. He was everything she wanted in a partner, and they have been together for over 30 years.

This whole universe runs through natural laws. We can fly in an aeroplane because aviation works according to natural laws. The laws of physics haven’t changed to be able to fly, but we have found a way to act according to natural laws to pass.

Just as the laws of physics govern Aviation, Electricity, and Gravity, a law controls our lives. To repair or restore a relationship or to attract a new one, you must understand this Law very well. While using this rule, we should always keep in mind the most powerful Law of attraction in the universe.

The Secret to Love Health and Money by Rhonda Byrne

Everything can be seen in the Law of Attraction, from a flower attracting bees to a seed or a seed attracting nutrients from the soil, from attracting every living being to its species. Attraction is also the force that draws people to other people. It attracts people to form groups, communities, and societies where they share common interests.

The power pulls one person towards science and another towards art. The Law of attraction is the powerful Law that governs everything from atoms to countless galaxies. Till everything is kept in harmony, it works through the whole universe, in everything, and through everything. And this is the Law that is at work in your life.

Remember one thing, and you create your life with your thoughts. Whatever comes into your life is attracted to your life through your studies. Like all laws of nature, the Law of attraction is immutable; No one is above it, and no one is untouched by it.

So whatever you think about your relationships is what you will attract in your relationships. To attract love back in return, you have to think about the thoughts of love. You attract positive people, favourable situations, and positive events if you think positively.

But if you are feeling negative or angry thoughts, you can expect hostile and angry people, situations, and events to come into your life. Think optimistically about the rest of the people, and all that positivity will come back to you in your relationships and lift every other area of your life. The word is mighty. According to the Law of attraction, whatever you think or say about another person, you bring it to you. You are harming your life when you blame or complain about a person. It is your life that you will have to suffer.

Ask yourself: Are you thinking positively about your relationships? Because positive thoughts come from love and are based on you, while negative studies show the absence of love. So think positive and make your relationships better.

The Law of attraction is what you think is the first cause of everything in your life. This includes your health, your job, your financial situation, your living situation, and all your relationships. You bring into your life what you think about yourself, which means everything you see and feel in this world is an influence. The reason is always your thoughts.

You think so many ideas in a day that nothing matters because many of your thoughts do not create a strong feeling in you. Your thoughts are amplified when strong emotions are added to them. And you always have strong feelings when you believe your ideas to be actual! To understand this, imagine your thoughts as a rocket ship and your emotions as fuel.

A rocket ship is a stationary vehicle that cannot do anything without fuel, as fuel is the power that propels the rocket ship up. It is the same with your thoughts. Without your feelings, your thoughts have no influence. While your thoughts become the first cause of everything Live, your emotions allow you to express your thoughts rapidly. The stronger you feel about something you are thinking about, the more power you connect to that thought, and the faster it shows up in your life.

Your emotions help you to know what kind of thoughts you are thinking. Good reviews always lead to good feelings, while evil thoughts cause bad feelings. So, if you want to see whether you are thinking positively or negatively, be aware of how you feel.

The more good ideas you think of, the better you feel and your life. The more bad reviews you think, the worse you feel, and life worsens unless you change your thinking. When you change the way you think about a relationship, you change the thoughts you are emitting.

Use a straightforward and powerful practice if you are in a challenging relationship with someone. For this, take a few minutes every day and feel the love for the other person in your heart, then open your heart and send that love to the universe.

Doing so helps to remove any resentment, anger, or negativity inside you towards that person. On the other hand, you can never mend your relationships with negativity. Resentment, anger, or negative feelings toward another person attract them back to you. When you feel love, it attracts love back to you. If you find handling good about a person or relationship challenges, focus on loving everything around you.

Whenever you face a negative relationship, the solution is to think good thoughts and feel good regardless of what is happening. The better you can guess, the better you think, and the Law of attraction solves you. Don’t be afraid to make changes in your relationships. Remember that whatever happens is for the good of each of us in the end.

It doesn’t matter what happens, but what we do with the opportunities we get and how we choose to see it does matter. Focus on asking the universe for better and more unique things to do. Feel this change happening and that a beautiful relationship is coming to you! Which will bring better change in your life. So start thinking positively from today and feel them.

People who have good relationships think and talk more about what they want! And people in challenging relationships tend to overthink and talk about what they don’t want. As they think and talk so much about what they don’t want in their relationships, they wonder why problems in their relationships keep showing up repeatedly.

But they have thrown those problems into their thinking and discussing what they don’t want. The Law of attraction does not calculate words like “no.” As you say no words like “don’t want,” the Law of attraction hears the opposite. When you say, “I don’t want to argue.” The Law of attraction says, “I want to argue more.” When you think, “I don’t want to lose them.” The Law of attraction says, “I want to lose them.” If you focus solely on the things you want, the things you love, and the things that make you feel good, you will have a truly extraordinary life.

No relationship is perfect, but if you can get ten positive thoughts for every critique, you praise the person for who they are. When it comes to romance, many people spend countless hours and money on matchmaking services and dating apps trying to find their partner. But the Law of attraction is the only dedicated matchmaking service; all you need to do is think and talk about the relationship you want.

The Secret to Love Health and Money

Think and talk about whatever positive thing you want in your partner, then sit back, feel good and surrender to the universe. Allow the universe to bring your matchmaking partner to you and take you to them. And finally, you find a partner like you, and you get it.

You are a creator, and there is an easy process that you can use to create any relationship. This is the best way to use the power of the Law of attraction. You can achieve what you want with these three easy steps.

  • The first step is to ASK: You can choose the relationship you want and be clear about it. Decide what you want in a special relationship.
  • The second step is to TRUST: Claim that dream relationship you already sought, assuming it is yours. When you do this, the universe will transfer all situations, people, and events to you. And while you wait to meet your partner, trust that they will meet you. Your belief that that person is already in your life and that you are already in a relationship is your greatest strength.
  • The third and last step in the creative process is to ACHIEVE: Ask once, trust that you have completed, and feel good about achieving that relationship. When you are feeling well, you are on the receiving frequency. You are at the frequency of all the good things that come to you and will get what you asked for. You wouldn’t ask for a relationship until it made you feel good about having it, would you? So feel good, and you will get everything you want.

The creative process for the relationship you want to attract Follow up. Keep your trust and do your best to feel as good as possible. And then the universe will give you everything you’ve ever asked for.

When you imagine something you want and love, you use the Law of attraction. When you imagine something positive, like a caring, loving relationship, and you feel good imagining it, that’s what you get. Your thoughts, desires, and feelings create magnetic force and draw what you want for yourself.

If you can visualize it by thinking and feeling it, you can achieve it. If you’re going to attract an ideal relationship, imagine that relationship precisely the way you want it. Then, all you have to do is feel the feelings of being in that relationship.

This process is known as visualization. To imagine a relationship, close your eyes and picture the kind of relationship you want. You create a new reality as you imagine doing everything you want in this relationship. Your subconscious mind and the Law of attraction don’t know whether you imagine something or it is reality.

And when you’re at the place where the relationship you’re imagining feels real, when you trust it, you’ll know it’s gone in your subconscious mind. And the Law of attraction will do so for you. When you use visualization, imagine each scene with the relationship you want and feel like you have it now. Imagine and feel the love and gratitude for having received it. Do this every day until you feel like you already have your desire.

Another way to use your imagination is to attract beautiful relations with the vision board. You can let your imagination run wild by photographing what you want with a vision board and seeing how you want your life to be.

As you look at the vision board, you are holding pictures in your mind. Focusing on your vision board agitates your senses and awakens positive thoughts and feelings. You have two elements of nature— your mind and your emotions, working entirely for you.

Writing or journaling is another great way to use your imagination for relationships. If you want to attract the ideal partner, you can also write and tell how that person is and your relationship. You can include their likes, dislikes, hobbies, family background, profession, and anything else that matters to you.

Another way you can use your imagination to transform your relationships is to create and play games in your mind. At some point, we stopped playing and having fun like kids, which resulted in us getting more serious about life as we got older. But gravity brings terrible situations into your life. You feel great when you play and have fun, and ideal situations come into your life.

No matter how you use your imagination to attract new and better relationships, the important thing is feeling good when imagining. Capture that energy while envisioning your ideal relationship. A glance at visualizing and feeling your desire helps you harness the power of your thoughts and feelings! So start imagining today.

When you are grateful, you are happy and satisfied with the people in your life’s comfortable situations. And become a magnet for pleasant events. Gratitude is the bridge from sadness to happiness and from despair and loneliness to a life full of love, joy, and unique relationships.

Whether you are thanking a person or being grateful for a gift, shared experience, or a new relationship, the Law of attraction will bring you more happiness, talents, unique experiences, and love in your relationships.

For this, think of someone for whom you are grateful. You can choose the person you love more than anyone else. Or you can choose someone you’re having trouble with within a relationship. Focus on that person and think about all the things you love and are grateful for that person. Then, in your mind or out loud, tell the person.

The Secret to Love Health and Money Book

Those you love and are thankful for as if they were with you. Tell them all the reasons you love them. You can recall unique moments by saying, “I remember the time when…” (and then filling in the blanks). As you do this, feel that gratitude fills your heart and body. The love and appreciation you think in this simple practice will return in the relationship and throughout your life. How easy it is to change your life through gratitude.

Chapter 2. The Secret To Health

“Your health is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.” – Deepak Chopra.

Victoria Beckham has spoken openly about how she used the Law of attraction to overcome a number of health challenges, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and an autoimmune disorder. In an interview, Beckham said that she started using the Law of attraction after she was diagnosed with PCOS. She said that she visualized herself as being healthy and vibrant and affirmed her excellent health every day.

Beckham also made changes to her diet and lifestyle to support her health. She started eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Over time, Beckham’s health improved significantly. She was able to manage her PCOS symptoms, and she went into remission from her autoimmune disorder.

Beckham is now a healthy and vibrant woman. She is a successful fashion designer and businesswoman and a devoted mother to her four children. Her story is an example of how the Law of attraction can be used to attract good health.

Staying healthy is a feeling just like little kids feel. Young children are full of energy every day. Their body feels light and flexible; Walking is simple. They were looking at their feet. His mind is clear; they are happy and free from worry and tension. They sleep deeply and peacefully every night and feel completely refreshed, as if with a new body.

They feel passionate and excited about each new day. Look at young children, and you will see what it means to be healthy. This is how you felt before; you should still feel the same way! You may feel the same way most of the time because health is always there for you. There is no moment that we should hold anything back from you. What you want is yours, and that includes health. But you have to be prepared to achieve it!

The Law of attraction is the Law of nature. It is impersonal and responds similarly to all positive or negative thoughts. The Law of attraction does not favour health over illness; it simply gives you everything you think about.

The Law of attraction is capturing your ideas and making their experience reflect you through people, situations, and events. First, people don’t have the health they want because they think more about what they want than what they don’t want.

Simply put, they think about disease more than health and well-being. Whether you realize it or not, this is what you think most of the time. What do you think about or focus on the most that will be reflected in your life? You will reap what you sow! Your thoughts are seeds; what you reap will depend on the seeds you plant.

Your health is in your hands. No matter where you are now, whatever happens in your life, you can start choosing your thoughts and change your life. Just focus on constantly thinking about health and well-being.

From the old spiritual traditions, we have been told that the subconscious mind entirely controls the health of the body. All the functions of the body, from the respiratory system to digestion, to the central nervous system and the immune system, are subordinate to the subconscious mind. You don’t think about breathing or digesting, or pumping blood. Those things happen automatically, controlled by your subconscious mind.

Similarly, if you cut your finger, you don’t have to think about how to stop the bleeding. Because your subconscious mind does this work and orders the body to do what it was designed to do, it fixes itself. It works in every system, on every level, throughout your body; whatever order your subconscious mind gives, it is delivered by your body. There is an ideal image of the Law of attraction in this work.

Just like in the outside world, where your thoughts attract people, situations, and events to accomplish whatever you are thinking, so does the inner world of your body. Your subconscious mind attracts the situations and events that make up the health of your body.

To fully feel and brag about the power of your subconscious mind over your body, you need to know about the unseen and unique world inside your body because it all follows your orders.

The Secret to Love Health and Money Summary

Your life reflects what you keep within yourself; what you hold within yourself is always under your control. No outside force can influence your life or health unless you give some power through your thoughts and beliefs.

The most significant strength is within you in what you think and what you believe. However, the good news is that your thoughts create new trust in the subconscious. It is your thoughts that attract the people, situations, and events in your life, And it is your thoughts that make your life meaningful.

When you have good feelings or feel love on a sunny day, for your home, for a friend, for your dog, or anything else – your body gets its full power of natural health in unique ways.

This can be obtained from when you feel bad about yourself or something else; the stress causes your nerves and cells to constrict; your body’s essential chemical production changes, your blood vessels shrink, and your breathing becomes shallow, each one of which undermines the power of health in your parts and throughout your body. It doesn’t matter if you feel wrong about something that has nothing to do with your health; when you feel bad, you reduce the power of natural health on your body.

You must have heard the typical saying that laughter is the best medicine. Well, one of the quickest and best ways to relieve stress and ward off illness in our bodies is through the power of laughter and happiness. You can think and feel your way to the perfect health, entire body, and weight state. You can bring it into existence through positive thoughts and feeling good about yourself. Good health is your birthright! You are your creator, and the Law of attraction is your great tool for creating your model version. So, use this tool in a better way.

The Author has given three easy steps to attract good health. Use this creative process to make exemplary health:

  • Step 1 Ask: Ask yourself what you want. When it comes to your health, like everything else, you get to choose what you want, but be clear about it. That’s your business. The Law of attraction may only bring you what you want if you are clear. You will send a mixed frequency and can only attract mixed results. So, decide what you want for your health and body, and keep in mind that there are no limits. Most people ask about health only when they do not have it, but you can ask for good health anytime. Use the power of your intention every single day and ask to be completely healthy.
  • Step 2 Trust: You must be confident that you have the health you want. You should know that the moment to have a healthy body, the right weight, or look young is yours. Have complete faith in yourself. Remember that when you trust something at a conscious level, that trust passes from the unfiltered to the subconscious mind, which controls all aspects of your health and the 100 trillion cells in your body.
  • Step 3 Achieve: Ask once and trust that you have achieved; to succeed, all you have to do is feel good. When you are feeling good, you are on the receiving frequency. You are at the frequency of all the good things that come to you and will get what you asked for. So feel good and achieve what you want to accomplish in your life. There is a faster way to bring yourself to that frequency. Just say to yourself, “I’m achieving now. I am now getting all the good results in my life. I am now in the right state of health, full body, full weight, monster energy, and vitality.” And feel it. Feel it in some way, as if you’ve already achieved it. By doing this, you can attract your demand towards you faster.
The Secret to Love Health and Money English

Visualizing is just powerfully focused thoughts in pictures and causes moderately powerful emotions. When you are imagining, you get that powerful frequency emitted into the universe. The subconscious mind controls all aspects of your body and your health. When you envision perfect health and trust that you have it, the subconscious mind acquires those thoughts and pictures as if it is you, and through the Law of attraction, those pictures.

Visualizing your overall health is a straightforward process. Spend a minute imagining a picture of yourself with the ideal body position you want. Whatever you want to improve, visualize yourself in that perfect situation, and then be thankful for it as if you’ve already achieved it.

If you can imagine being good, you will feel good, and the universe will make it come true for you when you think. To see an improvement in your health, all you have to do is imagine and feel how your body will be in the health you want.

Simultaneously, do an affirmation to yourself daily: “I am healthy,” the first two words reveal the great secret of commitment: “I am!” When you say, “I am,” the words that come calling upon the universe with a mighty force because you declare it as fact.

You are saying this for sure. So speak to yourself from today: “I am complete, strong, powerful, full of love, harmonious, and happy.” Try to use this affirmation every day.

Chapter 3. The Secret To Money

“The more you think about money, the more you will have.” – Napoleon Hill

Jim Carrey has spoken openly about using the Law of attraction to manifest his success. In an interview, Carrey said that he wrote himself a check for $10 million and dated it for 1995. He kept the check in his wallet and visualized himself receiving it every day.

In 1995, Carrey starred in the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” which was a huge box-office success. He was paid $10 million for his role in the film. Carrey’s story is an example of how the Law of attraction can be used to attract money in your life. When you focus on positive thoughts and emotions about money, you attract more money into your life.

The prosperity of money is your birthright, and you can achieve more than you can imagine in every area of your life. And whenever you imagine yourself in abundance, you decide your life through this most potent natural Law of attraction. Think positive thoughts about money; you magnetize favourable situations, people, and events that bring in more money.

We also know about the power of your words as we know that the subconscious mind gives truth to terms like no to yes. That’s why never say to yourself, “I can’t stand it! It’s impossible to bring more money into your life when you see you don’t have enough because that means you think you don’t have enough.”

Focus on not having enough money, and you will create untold more situations of not having enough money. To attract more money, focus on money in abundance to bring that money to you. You are concentrating on what you can get, nothing else. To help start your attraction journey, try to attract something as small as a cup of coffee. As you feel the power you have Tells about the ability to attract, you can quickly move on to create huge things.

I feel good about money. As you think of good ideas, you emit a powerful frequency of emissions, attracting more good towards you and making you feel good. Remember that when you are feeling good, you can powerfully attract all the good things to you. According to this book, you can do whatever you want, and there is no limit. But for that, you have to feel good.

The Secret to Love Health and Money Hindi

Follow these three steps of the creative process for money:-

  • Step 1: Ask:- Choose what you want, but be clear about it. Be completely clear about how much money you want to earn. The Law of attraction may only bring you what you want if you are clear. You can be, be, or do anything you can, and there are no limits. Ask yourself, “How much money do I need, and what do I want my life to be like?”
  • Step 2: Trust:- Trust that you have achieved. You must know that the money, or whatever you want, is yours when you ask. For example, if you have made a withdrawal request from a bank, you will rest easy knowing that you will get the amount you requested and move on with your life.
  • Step 3: Achieve: To achieve, start feeling good now. Feel the way you expect to sense when the money comes in. Earning money is a good feeling, and it’s no coincidence that when you’re feeling good, you’re on the receiving end. All the good things that come to you are on the frequency, and you will get what you asked for.

Simultaneously, say to yourself repeatedly, “The money is with me!” “I’m lucky with money!” and “I can afford whatever I want.” As you do, you’ll change your thoughts and beliefs and feel better about money.

Remember that you are like a magnet, attracting everything toward you. The more you practice and begin watching the Law of Attraction bring things to you, the greater will be your magnetism power, as you will combine the power of trust and knowing. And in that situation, you’ll see that Rs.10 Crores is just a piece of cake for the universe and you.

Now think about what you’re thankful for, such as, “I love my job,” “I’ve been so helpful to work with,” “I have the best clients,” and “the best I’ve ever had.” Got a big tax refund,” or “I respect money.” I have all that it allows me to do,” and when you feel sincerely thankful, the Law of attraction can give those things to you. Focuses on attracting more in life. Gratitude costs nothing, but it is more precious than all the money in the world. So be thankful.


Let us reiterate the lessons once:

  1. Positive thoughts come from love and are based on you, while negative studies show the absence of love. So think positive and make your relationships better.
  2. Think and talk about whatever positive thing you want in your partner, then sit back, feel good and surrender to the universe.
  3. No matter where you are now, whatever happens in your life, you can start choosing your thoughts and change your life.
  4. Good health is your birthright! You are your creator, and the Law of attraction is your great tool for creating your model version. So, use this tool in a better way.
  5. Feel good about money. As you think of good ideas, you emit a powerful frequency of emissions that attract more good things.

This book taught us how to achieve good health, love, and money. Through the Law of attraction, you can achieve everything that you want to accomplish in your life. Start realizing those things in your imagination and create a better life by thinking positively.

Just start feeling those things in your vision and start a better life by thinking positively. You try this for 30 days and see. See how much magic will happen with you. What will you start learning from this entire summary from today itself? What will you start learning from this entire summary from today itself? And in which area of life, health, love or money? Please let us know by commenting so that its vibrational power can be increased further.

The Secret to Love Health and Money Book Review

If you are struggling in any way in the areas of Love, Health or Money, this book is a god sent opportunity for you to transform the same and regain the gift of life.

Rhonda Byrne charismatic writing simplifies the concepts of manifesting greatness in our lives. The book entails step by step method to unlock the doors to great health and awesome lovely relationships. The address of the hidden treasure wealth is also unveiled for all the readers and there is no surprise that a reader will appreciate the beauty of the greatness.

In short, the book is a must read of any one facing any hardships in the above areas.

Thank You.

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